Episode #134

Dr. Paul Saladino

What We Learned from One of the Last Hunter-Gatherer Tribes

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If you follow me on Instagram or you’re a regular listener of this podcast, then you know that I recently took a trip to Africa with my good friend, The Carnivore MD Dr. Paul Saladino.

We traveled halfway across the world to study one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes, the Hadza, to learn more about their way of life, which has been unaffected for over 50,000 years now.

And what we found was more than just eye-opening, which is why this episode is jam-packed and over two hours long.

When you tune in, you’ll discover what the Hadza people typically eat, what their gut microbiome looks like as a result, the problems they’re currently facing, and why they choose to remain a hunter-gatherer society despite other local tribes switching courses.

You’ll also learn about ugali, a food missionaries introduced to the tribe, how they fare with key blood markers and chronic diseases, some myths that were introduced in early research on the tribe, and so much more.

Dr. Saladino and I also asked the tribe some questions and their responses were super interesting.

We also learned about gender roles and how the Hadza live with an abundance mindset.

This is a super interesting episode you don’t want to miss. As Dr. Saladino mentions in the episode, our trip was like taking a trip back in time using a DeLorean. We experienced exactly how life should be lived and how it’s been done uninterrupted for several decades now.

The Hadza are fascinating because they are free from chronic diseases. Click To Tweet

You may recognize my guest Dr. Paul Saladino if you’re a regular listener of this podcast. He’s a best-selling author and The Carnivore MD and he’s been on the show multiple times now.

This episode is a little different though in that we only talk about our trip to Africa and what we learned from it.

So even if you’ve heard one of Dr. Saladino’s episodes in the past, this one is completely different and one you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a look at some of the topics Dr. Saladino and I get into::

  • The moments that stood out to both Dr. Paul Saladino and I during our trip with the Hadza tribe
  • Why I went on this trip in the first place and what I was hoping to uncover
  • The microbiome of the Hadza tribe
  • The problems the Hadza tribe are currently facing and their thoughts on them
  • What they talked about the most
  • The foods they prefer
  • What they dream about
  • What’s considered a good day for them
  • How they eat nose to tail
  • What I thought about eating baboon brains
  • Is it possible to transfer diseases while eating animal organs?
  • Why I ate way more fruit than I normally would and what happened as a result
  • What happened when I returned to the States and ate fruit
  • More about the abundance mindset the Hadza had
  • Ugali, including what that is and why it was introduced to the Hadza tribe
  • How the Hadza tribe viewed food
  • Chronic diseases and the Hadza tribe
  • Blood markers in the Hadza tribe
  • Gender roles in the Hadza tribe
  • Why they continue to live as a hunter-gatherer tribe
  • Salt in the Hadza diet
  • Life expectancy in the Hadza tribe and the dispelling the myths associated with this
  • Compression of morbidity and squaring of morbidity
  • The fallacy of Blue Zones
  • The fiber myth of the Hadza tribe
  • What the Hadza tribe is not doing when it comes to food
  • The one thing Dr. Saladino noticed about the teeth of the Hadza people and why that’s happening

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