Episode #122

Ed Byrne

Making Regenerative Agriculture Mainstream

If we fix our soil and change the way we do farming, we’ll largely solve a lot of the health crisis because we’ll start creating nutrient dense food without loads of chemicals. Click To Tweet

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, then you’ve heard me interview several guests in the regenerative agriculture space.

It’s one I’m personally passionate about and I truly believe it’s the best route for our future and the health of our planet.

In this episode, I’m adding one more expert to the list, Ed Byrne, who brings a unique perspective to this space.

Ed and his team at Wholesome Meats are working to scale regenerative agriculture so that there’s a mass adoption.

They hope to bring it to every grocery store across the globe and they believe, as do I, that it’s the future of food.

When you tune into this episode, you’ll learn why Ed feels so strongly about regenerative agriculture, why it’s beneficial for both people and the planet, and what it’s going to take to make it mainstream.

Ed and I also get into lab grown meat, how that and commercial farming are destroying our soil, and why we should have steak tastings just like we do with wine tastings.

We’ve divorced ourselves from the reality of the origins of food so much that we read ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ and we believe it even if five minutes of thinking would realize it’s not. Click To Tweet

Ed Byrne has an interesting background. He’s been involved in a lot of software startups, including funding many, but has since pivoted to the regenerative agriculture space.

He’s using his years of business and entrepreneurial experience to help make regenerative agriculture more scalable, more mainstream, and more affordable.

When you tune into this episode, you’ll hear more about Ed’s background, his experience with regenerative agriculture, and why he’s so passionate about making it mainstream.

Here’s a look at some of the topics Ed and I get into in this episode:

  • How Ed got into this space
  • How agriculture affects our climate
  • More about the documentary Steak Revolution
  • How we’re currently destroying our soil and what can be done to fix this
  • Why we need entrepreneurs and business leaders to invest in regenerative agriculture
  • Lab grown meat and the problems that come with this
  • Ed’s goal with regenerative agriculture
  • Why it’s crucial that consumer awareness on regenerative agriculture needs to increase
  • The other big problem that regenerative agriculture is currently facing and what it’ll take to fix this
  • Why grass-fed and meat grown through regenerative agriculture are more expensive and what can be done to fix that
  • How to increase consumer demand for regenerative agriculture
  • The one test that can show how effective and impactful regenerative agriculture is to the environment compared to commercialized farming
  • How to prove that regenerative agriculture is better than other options on the market
  • Three things most consumers care about in order to promote change
  • Steak tastings and the real need for this

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