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Do you have questions since starting your keto journey? This podcast episode may have some answers for you. Tune in to hear a full keto breakdown now.

Are your cholesterol levels through the roof since starting keto? Learn why you may not have anything to worry about and what to pay attention to instead.

What are the best foods to pack when you’re camping on keto? Do artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners raise your blood sugar? Find out answers to these keto questions and more.

Discover the science behind using ketosis and fasting for cancer treatment. Dr. Thomas Seyfried shares several decades worth of research in this episode. Tune in now!


December 13, 2017

What I’m Eating: Winter 2017

Tip: This post is a bit dense. If you just want to know what I’m eating on a day to day basis, skip to the bottom. I’d suggest reading the whole thing for context though 🙂 If there’s any saying that I try to live by, it would be always learning. This is something that I’ve […]

December 04, 2017

How Ketosis Can Be Healthy

Without a doubt, the biggest health trend of 2017 is the ketogenic diet. Everyone is looking how to get “keto” for magical health benefits, but I’m here to tell you something different. Ketosis is not healthy. That’s right, I said it. Elevated ketone levels do not equal elevated health levels. A ketogenic diet certainly can […]

December 04, 2017

My Results of 30 Days Without Coffee

Lightspeed travel. Immortality. Drinking a gallon of milk in 30 minutes. These are things that are all seemingly impossible, or at least unable to be achieved in my lifetime. I have new hope. I just conquered an item on this list of impossible feats and have lived to tell my story. I went without coffee […]