Episode #197

Jake Marquez & Maren Morgan

Death In the Garden

ake Marquez & Maren Morgan

Jake Marquez and Maren Morgan are filmmakers, writers, and podcasters. We chat about their crazy journey making their documentary and podcast: Death In the Garden.

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For the last four years, Jake and Maren have been trying to untangle the complex, tangled web of how we address climate change, fix the food system, and, hopefully, save the world.

Their project discusses these and other problems in our society through the lenses of ecology, philosophy, myth, storytelling, and, ultimately, our fear of death.

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Jake and Maren have experienced their fair share of anxiety, despair, and existential dread on their quest for ecological and cultural regeneration.

But as you’ll hear in the episode, they’ve learned how to find meaning and purpose. They also helped Jake’s mom start a grass-fed tallow balm company called The Beekeeper’s Granddaughter!

Tune into the episode to discover:

  • What inspired Jake and Maren to start the Death In The Garden project
  • Why prioritizing “left-brain consciousness” is harming our society/planet
  • What it looks like to live ethically in an unethical world
  • The four reasons people go vegan (and why Jake stopped)
  • The potential collapse and finding good in the next “Dark Ages”
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life  
  • The value of conscious, intentional consumption
  • The most important things we can do to change the food system
  • How being conscious about our mortality empowers us to embrace the natural cycles of life, death, and regeneration (and not make the same mistakes)
  • Their hopes for this generation and what’s next for them

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