Episode #196

Dr. Paul Saladino

The Story of Lineage Provisions

Dr. Paul Saladino

Dr. Paul Saladino is a double board-certified MD, author, and host of the Paul Saladino MD podcast. We chat about the journey and launch of our new brand: Lineage Provisions.

What makes a whole food nutritious is more complex than the basic information you see on the nutrition facts or ingredient label. There’s so much more you need to consider. Click To Tweet

Sparked by our desire to make foods we want to eat and feed our loved ones, we set out to create an animal-based food company with the highest standards for nutrient-density, taste, and transparency. 

Many ‘healthy’ companies add celery powder to their meat products, but we don’t actually know if these naturally-occurring nitrates and nitrites are any better for us. Click To Tweet

But as you’ll hear in this behind-the-scenes peek, the journey wasn’t easy. After two years and 50+ formulas, we’re now proud to offer the best meat snack the world has ever seen.

Tune into this episode to hear our thoughts on:

  • How the “Quest for Convenience” ruined our food supply and eating habits
  • What some meat producers hide behind grass-fed labels
  • Why the “naturally occurring” nitrates and nitrites in celery powder may not be any better for us
  • The incredible health benefits of vitamin K2 and where to get it in your diet
  • What inspired our collaboration
  • How we vet farmers, suppliers, etc., to bring our products to market
  • The proprietary air drying process we engineered to preserve nutrients 
  • Why our small batch, 100% regeneratively raised, grass-fed and finished beef & organ meat sticks are unmatched by competitors 
  • Our ideas for the next product launches (based on your feedback!)
  • Q&A session, including why you won’t find Lineage Provisions in grocery stores yet, what the beef and organ sticks taste like, whether kids like them, and more!

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