Episode #078

Robby Sansom

The Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

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Is fake meat really the answer to solving our growing population’s food needs?

As you’ll quickly learn in this podcast episode with my guest Robby Sansom, co-founder of a regenerative meat company called Force of Nature Meats, definitely not.

Fake meat production and monocultures, which you’ll also hear more about, are destroying our planet at extremely fast rates.

Robby shares a depressing figure in the episode with how long we currently have to continue on with the way our agricultural system is set up now– it’s incredibly low.

But the good news is there’s hope and it doesn’t involve fake meat.

Enter regenerative agriculture.

In this episode, you’ll discover what that is, the benefits of switching to this form of agriculture, and how it’s transforming the way we raise meat and the future outlook of our planet. 

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If you don’t know Robby, he’s a self-proclaimed land steward who has spent the last several years of his life studying the problems in our current agricultural system and addressing how they can be solved with regenerative agriculture.

He co-founded Force of Nature Meats which is focused on accelerating a global regenerative supply network.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about just yet.

We’ll keep things simple in this episode to help you see what’s really going on.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the topics Robby and I get into:

  • Robby’s background and how he got into this space
  • What is regenerative agriculture?
  • What Robby and Force of Nature Meats focuses on
  • The problems with how meat is commercially raised today
  •  Why the fake meat movement is the wrong move and how it won’t fix this problem (plus what will)
  • Monoculture and why it’s a huge problem
  • How many years of crop production we have left on this planet if we continue at this rate
  • The devastating problems farmers face today
  • Environmental impact of processed plant food
  • Addressing the carbon issue
  • Robby’s five principles of regenerative agriculture
  • Why our current farming system is degenerative and the impact this has
  • What it takes to reverse this huge problem
  • The benefits of switching to regenerative agriculture
  • Is there a limit to regenerative agriculture?
  • Are there benefits for conventional farmers to switch to regenerative processes?
  • Can you grow crops and animals together in a regenerative agriculture system?Listen To This Episode

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