Episode #070

Mike Mutzel

The Five Pillars of Health, Tips for Better Sleep, Meal Timing on Circadian Rhythm, Backyard Farming, and How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Did you know that your tongue position can affect how you sleep?

Or that how much light you’re exposed to — not just the glowing blue light emitted from your favorite devices — can significantly affect your health?

While most of our Keto Answers Podcast episodes are centered around one specific topic, this one is similar to our Q&A style where we cover several at once.

But, unlike with the Q&A’s, instead of diving into questions from our listeners, my guest, Mike Mutzel, shares his five pillars of health and how to optimize each one.

We also chat about how blue light affects your health, especially in children, how to stay healthy while traveling, and backyard farming.

The way that children’s eyes are shaped makes them more uniquely susceptible to evening light and blue light. Click To Tweet

If you don’t know, Mike holds a master’s degree in nutrition, he graduated as a functional medicine practitioner, and he wrote the book Belly Fat Effect.

When Mike is not outdoors with his wife and daughter, you can usually find him on Instagram or YouTube sharing his latest research to his 279k+ followers.

However, by tuning into this episode now, you won’t have to slip down the rabbit hole of social media to find his best tips.

He’s sharing those and a sneak peek into the exact steps he takes, both personally and with his family, to achieve an optimal level of health.

To see what else is in store, check out this epic episode lineup:

  • Mike Mutzel’s background and his five fundamentals when it comes to health
  • How exposure to light can affect your health
  • Meal timing and your circadian rhythm
  • The benefits of early time-restricted eating
  • The key traits successful people have and how to weave them into your life
  • What Mike does around the house to increase his light exposure
  • How children are affected by lights, especially from screens and devices
  • What to do if you live in a city and don’t get enough sunlight each day
  • Why both Mike and I have ditched sunglasses
  • Mike’s take on using sunscreen
  • One thing we should be tracking on personal fitness trackers but aren’t
  • What Mike does to ensure he gets deep, high-quality sleep each night
  • Mouth taping, including what it is, why someone would want to do this, and the benefits of doing so
  • How your tongue position affects your sleep 
  • Where chemicals are lurking that you may not have realized
  • Mike and I also get into lab-grown meat and backyard farming, including how to start your own backyard farm and where to source the animals from
  • The one thing that’s changed Mike’s life
  • One of the best natural ways to increase your ketone levels
  • You’ll also discover why I don’t do yoga and what I do instead
  • Why you should allocate some of your money towards this
  • How to stay healthy while traveling and what you should do leading up to your next trip, especially if you’re changing time zones
  • How and why Mike uses fasting while traveling

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