Episode #105

Dr. Paul Saladino

2+ Years on the Carnivore Diet, High Cholesterol with Zero Plaque Build-Up, and Why Animal-Based Diets are Better for You

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If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, then you may recognize my guest Dr. Paul Saladino since he’s been on the show twice before.

He’s a functional medicine practitioner who started using a carnivore diet personally before prescribing it to his patients.

Not only has he seen incredible results personally, his patients also started experiencing positive changes too.

Dr. Saladino is now back on the show to share what it’s been like being on a carnivore diet for over two years now.

So you’ll hear more about what he usually eats during a typical day — it’s not all ribeyes, what he’s done differently since he first started following this diet, and what his lab work looks like as a result.

To give you a sneak peek, his blood work is the highest I’ve ever seen yet his health is incredible. Dr. Saladino and I dive into how that’s possible and what it means in the episode.

We also chat about other topics like why vegetable oils are so detrimental to our health, why you should never cook with liquid oils, how he’s eating nose-to-tail, and why factory farming is a nightmare.

You’ll also hear more about how “eating the rainbow” is one of the worst strategies when it comes to nutrition and why that is.

And this is still just the beginning of what we get into.

If you look at correlation between obesity, diabetes, and changes in the American diet over the last 50 years, the biggest correlation is vegetable oil. Click To Tweet

Dr. Paul Saladino is a classically trained physician who found that what he was taught in medical school wasn’t helping his patients improve their health.

Determined to find a better way, he started studying as a functional medicine practitioner and dove into alternative therapies like the carnivore diet.

It wasn’t until he made these changes that he started seeing incredible results personally and in his patients.

Dr. Saladino is such a believer in the carnivore diet, he’s stayed on it for over two years now.

He’s even updated his book, The Carnivore Code, which is about to launch, to share his experience with being on the diet for so long and what he would do differently.

You’ll hear more about this when you tune into the episode, along with these other great topics:

  • Dr. Paul Saladino discusses why he moved to Austin, TX and what he’s noticed since being there
  • What a typical carnivore meal- looks like for Dr. Saladino
  • How Dr. Saladino’s diet has transformed over the last two years
  • How Dr. Saladino prefers to cook his meats
  • Why the carnivore diet works so well
  • How to make it “less boring” eating only meat
  • Why adhering to a diet like carnivore could be a mindset challenge
  • Quality of life equation
  • Why Dr. Saladino prefers to eat the same meal twice a day
  • Sustainability of eating meat
  • How our conditioning affects whether we can enjoy eating nose to tail
  • Two conditions where a carnivore diet is incredibly healing
  • How plants have changed over hundreds of years but animals have stayed consistent and why this matters
  • Why you really can’t eat the rainbow at grocery stores despite what you may have heard
  • How “eating the rainbow” is a recipe for overwhelming your detox system
  • Why it’s no longer a question if plants have toxins in them and instead it’s how well can you detox those toxins
  • How overindulging in certain plants can wreak havoc on your system
  • Why compounds found in meat are not harmful for humans to eat
  • How Dr. Saladino’s cholesterol numbers are extremely high yet his coronary artery scan shows no plaque build up
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia and what you should know about this
  • What happened when Dr. Saladino added carbs back into his diet
  • Why it’s not a bad thing if your LDL is up as long as this other key marker is in good shape
  • How linoleic acid can contribute to a lower LDL score yet it leads to worse cardiac outcomes
  • The correlation between obesity and vegetable oils
  • The main concerns with factory farming
  • Why you should consider using tallow to cook with over olive or coconut oil
  • Polyunsaturated fats versus saturated fats
  • Stearic acid and what the research shows
  • Fatty acid signaling molecules and what this means when you eat fats
  • Dr. Saladino also shares his latest lab work from following a carnivore diet for over two years now

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