Episode #098

Mansal Denton

Ethical Hunting and Tapping into Nature and Your Emotions

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Mansal Denton is unlike your stereotypical hunter.

As you’ll hear in this episode, he’s not going out to hunt for the thrill of it and he doesn’t treat it like a sport.

Instead, Mansal believes in ethical hunting, practicing mindfulness while out there, and tapping into the emotions that come up before, during, and after the hunt.

Mansal Denton’s hunting style resembles another guest I’ve had on the show before – Jesse Griffiths.

But Mansal takes things even further than Jesse.

That’s because Mansal’s approach resembles that of many indigenous people and Native Americans.

And that’s exactly what you’ll hear more about when you tune in.

Mansal shares how he went from being a vegetarian for 20 years to practicing this style of hunting.

You’ll also learn why he went down this path, why he treats it so differently than most hunters, and why he uses it to tap into his emotions and suggests that more people do it.

Mansal also talks about his guided hunting excursions and what he recommends understanding before going out.

Mansal even dives into how he recommends that people spend more time in nature and tap into their emotions whether they hunt or not.

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If you’re not familiar with Mansal Denton, don’t worry — I wasn’t at first either.

But since joining his email list, I’ve come to know him more and I appreciate what he’s doing with each passing day.

He’s one of the first people to get me involved in these ethical hunts and he’s opened my eyes tremendously.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t agree with hunting, I still encourage you to check out the episode — you may be surprised by what it uncovers for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything Mansal and I chat about:

  • Mansal Denton’s background and how we went from being a vegetarian for 20 years to switching to ethical hunting
  • What made Mansal switch from vegetarianism to eating meat
  • The negatives Mansal experienced while being vegetarian
  • How he first got into hunting over two and a half years ago
  • Why he chose to use archery instead of a rifle while hunting
  • What happened when Mansal used plant based medicines
  • Mansal also shares his first experience hunting a whitetail deer
  • He also shares the emotions that came up before, during, and after that hunt 
  • What he feels hunting brings up and strengthens
  • How his daily life has changed since hunting
  • Why he couldn’t resonate with the stereotypical hunting and what he aligns with instead
  • How ethical hunting led him down a path towards learning about and understanding indigenous cultures
  • What it takes to hunt properly aside from having the right equipment
  • How hunting can feel gratifying when done properly
  • Why everyone should get in touch with the feeling of how much better it is in nature
  • Mansal also shares his experience in prison including what he learned, how he handled losing his freedom, and what it taught him
  • Why it’s important to dive into your emotions, tap into the shadows under the surface, and be clear about your values
  • Why you should get really good about following your feelings
  • Mansal also dives into his spiritual relationship and how that’s shifted over the years
  • How we get back to our roots
  • Why Mansal chose to get back to an acesteral approach and what led him into a paleo diet
  • Why Mansal continues to learn more and feel connected to indigenous people
  • What we’re wrong on now that we’ll look back on later and regret 

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