Episode #112

Brian Sanders

How the Food Lies We’ve Been Taught are Destroying Our Health

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What if everything you’ve been taught about nutrition and health was wrong?

And by following old school principles, you actually have a higher chance of developing chronic diseases?

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you’ve seen me question our current food system with the help of a plethora of health experts I bring on the show.

Today’s guest is no exception. Brian Sanders has been questioning our current food system after his parents passed away at a young age.

Despite following the nutritional guidelines and doing everything they thought was right, they still ended up getting sick and dying from preventable diseases.

Brian set out to discover why that was and what could be done to change this.

And that’s exactly what he shares on today’s episode.

Brian is one of the leading health advocates who’s not afraid to call out our food system and expose it for the food lies they’ve been feeding us for several decades.

He’s been doing this all over social media and he’s in the process of creating a film that outlines exactly what he’s discovered based on several years of research.

In the episode, you’ll have a sneak peek into what he’s discovered, how he got to this point, and what can be done to fix this.

You’ll also hear Brian’s thoughts on what the biggest offenders are and why you should remove them, why the food system is profit driven, and why our focus is all wrong.

One of the great things about Brian’s research is that he’s not biased one way or another. So you’re not going to hear him push one diet over another or put down any of them. Rather, you’ll learn simple principles to live by that can improve your health starting today.

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As you’ll hear more about in this episode, Brian didn’t start out as a food advocate.

He’s a technical engineer by trade who also strives to add more life skills to his toolbelt.

Along the way he realized that our current food system is completely faulty and he vowed to explore it further and help change it.

You’ll hear more about this, along with Brian’s background, when you check out the episode.

Here’s a peek at everything Brian and I get into:

  • Brian shares what his “aha” moment was and what made him go from being a technical engineer to educating people on the food lies that surround us
  • The one book that helped him reach his turning point
  • What Brian removed from his diet first and the results he saw from doing so
  • Why you can’t force people to change their ways and how to go about it instead
  • Brian also shares the point where he was ready to share his own content on the food lies we’ve been told
  • The importance of gaining more life skills
  • Brian also discusses his different frameworks for health and his Sapien diet
  • Why it pays to investigate root causes
  • Why Brian listens to all sides instead of being biased when it comes to health opinions and conclusions
  • Satiety and food processing
  • The three word mantra Brian swears by for eating healthy
  • Where we went wrong and what we can do to fix it
  • Why we’ve developed chronic disease and what can be done to remedy this
  • The importance of diet over exercise
  • What we can do to get more people to start thinking about this
  • Brian also shares his thoughts on the Carnivore diet

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