Episode #060

Dr. Paul Saladino

Plant Toxicity, The Carnivore Diet from a Doctor’s Perspective, and Foods to Add and Avoid When Going Carnivore

Animal foods are the optimal food for humans. They have the highest nutrient density. They have all of the nutrients a human needs to function optimally. And they have none of the antinutrients found in plants. Click To Tweet

Most doctors write prescriptions and tell their patients to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables while also getting enough exercise each day.

But, as Dr. Paul Saladino, a functional medicine practitioner, discovered in his own practice, this plan of action does not help people get better and ends up keeping them in an unhealthy cycle of being sick for the rest of their lives.

Convinced there was a better solution and more he could do for his patients, Dr. Saladino began experimenting with the carnivore diet on himself before prescribing it to his patients.

Since doing so, he’s seen incredible results both personally and in his practice.

Dr. Saladino, as an expert in the carnivore space, believes this is due to a number of different factors, which he elaborates on in this podcast episode.

He’ll open up about the science behind carnivore, who the diet can help, why plant foods are toxic, and how meat and plants run on different operating systems like a Mac or PC does.

We don’t need plant molecules to achieve optimal antioxidant status; they’re redundant… And when we look hard, we often see they have negative effects somewhere else on the human body because they’re not from our biochemistry. Click To Tweet

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Paul Saladino — unlike one of his 30k social media followers — he’s a functional medicine practitioner who is classically trained as a physician first.

Early on, he found that what he was originally taught was not helping his patients improve their quality of life and, determined to fix that, he found that the carnivore diet proved to be one of the most effective tools for doing that.

Dr. Saladino shares why that is, including what the research supports, and so much more in this podcast episode.

So if you’ve ever considered a carnivore diet before, or you’re currently on it, this is one episode you have to check out.

Here’s a peek at the overarching topics we chat about:

  • Dr. Paul Saladino’s background and how (and why) he’s using the carnivore diet to treat his patients
  • Why he switched from a vegan diet to carnivore
  • Organ meats, what it means to have a “liver buzz,” and why this organ meat is the best multivitamin
  • Raw versus cooked meats
  • What it really means to eat nose to tail and what people are getting wrong when attempting this way of eating
  • Dr. Saladino also answers the questions of whether or not everyone should go carnivore and are plants the problem?
  • The macro breakdown for a carnivore diet and how this changes based on your goals
  • How to adjust a carnivore diet if weight loss is your goal
  • Four components to a well-rounded carnivore diet
  • Dr. Saladino’s hierarchy of meats and why he believes you shouldn’t eat egg whites
  • Other animal products that could trigger people
  • His thoughts on dairy
  • The raw food he eats everyday — it’s not egg whites
  • His go-to sources of meat and why
  • The problem with nitrates found in both meat and vegetables
  • What about fish on carnivore?
  • Why Dr. Saladino is not convinced that consuming plants is a net positive for humans
  • Why he doesn’t use black pepper and what happens when you eat it
  • Hormetic stressors on the body and how plants affect people since they are one of them
  • He also dives into a study comparing carnivore to a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables

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