Episode #111

Matteo Franceschetti

What It Takes to Optimize Sleep Health, According to Experts

Sleep is really a biological tool that we use to be at our best every single day. Click To Tweet

When it comes to getting healthier, nutrition and exercise always seem to take the spotlight.

But there’s one area that’s just as important as these, yet it’s often overlooked. 

As the title of this episode suggests, I’m talking about optimizing your sleep to improve your health.

What exactly does that mean though?

Should you pop some melatonin and hope it gives you a good night’s rest?

Not exactly.

My guest Matteo Franceschetti, the founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, which is a high-tech mattress that helps you optimize your sleep using your own biometrics, comes on the show to share exactly what it takes to improve your sleep.

Matteo and his team take a much deeper approach than suggesting supplements or black-out eye masks to get a better night’s rest, which is what you’ll hear about when you tune in.

You’ll discover what it takes to sleep better, the key ingredients for better sleep, and what you should be tracking to see if you’re getting the right quality and amount of sleep.

Matteo and I also get into sleep trackers and whether the data they provide is useful, how temperature affects your sleep, and what you can do starting today to improve your sleep.

We also veer off into non-sleep related topics to show how optimizing other areas of your life — or disregarding them — can impact your sleep.

You’ll also hear Matteo’s thoughts on how alcohol affects sleep.

Going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time is the first thing you should do to improve your sleep. Click To Tweet

On top of being the founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, Matteo was a business lawyer and serial entrepreneur who co-founded and led GIR and Global Investment, which you’ll hear more about in this episode.

But since those businesses, his Eight Sleep company has accelerated and was even named one of the Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics by Fast Company.

His Eight Sleep company has also radically transformed the traditional mattress by developing cutting edge AI and machine learning models to track biological signals during sleep to help people optimize recovery and rest.

On top of that, Matteo has been the co-chair at FWD.us and a mentor for Techstars, Microsoft Bizpark, and the NYU Summer Launchpad Program and he’s a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

When you tune into the episode, you’ll hear about these topics and so much more:

  • Matteo’s background and how he went from being a business lawyer to turning into an entrepreneur
  • How his own sleep transformed over the years
  • How he first got into the sleep space and why
  • Temperature as it relates to sleep quality
  • How your circadian rhythm affects sleep
  • Should your sleep conditions adjust with the seasons?
  • Are wearable sleep trackers really helpful when it comes to the data they provide?
  • How Matteo’s customers achieve a 30% improvement in their sleep
  • Heart rate variability, including what that is and how it relates to your sleep
  • How Matteo’s mattress is able to track important sleep metrics
  • Why a restfulness score may not be as useful as it sounds
  • Two factors that really matter when it comes to sleep optimization
  • How Matteo’s sleep has been affected since the pandemic started
  • Heart rate and respiratory rate as it relates to sleep and if you can improve these numbers 
  • Matteo also discusses what else he tracks personally to optimize his overall health
  • The three pillars of health
  • What he noticed in his sleep tracking after changing up his training and nutrition
  • Matteo also discusses why he chooses not to drink alcohol

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