Episode #110

Andy Mant

The Truth and Science Behind Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light doesn’t just affect your eyes. So if you’re exposing your skin to blue light after sunset, you can affect melatonin levels as well. Click To Tweet

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you’ve probably heard me talk about blue light blocking glasses before on previous episodes.

Even if this is your first time here, you may be familiar with these types of glasses since you can find them practically everywhere now.

And that’s exactly what my guest Andy Mant, the CEO and founder of BLUblox, which are blue light blocking glasses that have actually been tested, comes on the show to discuss.

Andy and I dive into how different types of light affect your health and the research behind how this is possible.

This is one episode where I learned quite a lot and, admittedly, it really blew my mind.

That’s why I couldn’t wait to share Andy’s knowledge on the topic and what you can do to mitigate unnatural light exposure to improve your health.

Andy and I also chat about how these lights affect your sleep, weight, blood glucose levels and more.

We also discuss common household items that could also be wreaking havoc on your health, why most blue light blocking glasses are bogus, how to tell if yours are, and when to wear your blue light blocking glasses to be most effective.

You’ll also discover whether night mode on your devices is really helpful, the side effects you may notice when blocking out harmful lights, and what else you can do to keep yourself protected.

People that wear sunglasses are more likely to suffer from sunburn and skin cancer than those who don’t wear sunglasses. Click To Tweet

As mentioned earlier, Andy Mant is the founder of BLUblox’s blue light blocking glasses. He’s played an integral part in helping to develop the technology behind these crazy effective glasses thanks to several years of research and product testing.

Andy spends his time diving into the science behind this technology and he shares this knowledge with as many people as possible to help empower them to improve their health one step at a time.

When you tune into this episode, you’ll hear all about the research behind how light affects your health and what you can do about it.

Here’s a peek at what Andy and I get into:

  • Andy’s story and how he went from being overweight and having sleep issues to feeling his best
  • How Andy moved from focusing on his diet and trying keto to optimizing his sleep and light exposure
  • What he found when he ran the blue light blocking glasses he bought on Amazon through a spectrometer
  • The side effects Andy noticed after trying blue light blocking glasses
  • What happened when he switched to red lenses and how this compared to other sleep enhancements like using lavender and magnesium
  • The problem with LED lighting that most people don’t know about
  • How artificial light affects weight gain and blood glucose levels
  • The optimal time to wear blue light blocking glasses and why that is
  • The problem with blue light and the benefits of red light
  • Should you wear blue light blocking glasses during the day?
  • How can I tell if the blue light blocking glasses I bought are really working?
  • Why some brands of blue light blocking glasses can cause unwanted side effects like headaches and nausea
  • The difference between clear, red, yellow, and orange lenses for blue light blocking glasses
  • The best glasses to wear if you work on a computer all day and experience negative symptoms as a result
  • When clear lenses work best for blue light blocking glasses
  • Does shifting your devices into night mode really help reduce blue light?
  • What you should do in addition to and instead of using night mode on your devices
  • Why blue light doesn’t just affect your eyes and what else it can impact
  • Are the blue light blocking apps F.lux or Iris beneficial?
  • Why you should also consider the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) of your environment and how to go about doing this
  • Non-native electromagnetic lights and how to combat them
  • The problems with WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, and 5G
  • The importance of grounding and what that is
  • Should you completely block EMF’s from coming into your house?
  • What is junk light?
  • How wearing sunglasses can contribute to sunburns and skin cancer

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