Episode #147

Brian Karr

How to Tell If You Have Mold in Your Home and What You Can Do About It

Research shows that the amount of fragments that break off of a (mold) colony can outnumber the amount of spores produced by up to 500 times. Click To Tweet

Never in a million years did I think I’d have a mold problem in my home.

But after working from home during the pandemic, my wife and I started to develop unexplainable symptoms.

We had a sneaky suspicion that mold could be to blame but our indoor air quality sample said otherwise.

We both went down the rabbit hole of tests only to come back without any answers.

Until we came across someone who actually knew how to properly test for mold.

It turns out, those indoor air quality samples are terrible. They’re inaccurate and unreliable.

We had a major mold problem that thankfully we’ve been able to start remediating thanks to the help of this episode’s guest, Brian Karr.

Brian Karr is known as The Mold Guy. 

He’s a certified microbial investigator and co-founder of We Inspect, a company that’s revolutionizing the mold testing and inspection industry.

As you’ll hear about in this episode, Brian shares why traditional mold tests are outdated and inaccurate, a better way to test for mold in your home, why mold is a growing problem, and how to successfully remediate it.

You’ll also learn about the top places mold likes to hide in homes, outdoor mold issues and how to prevent them from getting inside, and more.  

The problem with mold illness is that it manifests differently for everybody based on the mechanism that’s being triggered by the exposure. Click To Tweet

Here’s a peek at the topics Brian and I get into:

  • My experience with discovering we had mold in our home
  • How prevalent is having mold in our bodies and environment?
  • What’s changed that led us to having more mold in our environments?
  • Why mold is a growing problem
  • Why certain people are more affected by mold than others
  • What should you test for in your environment to see if you have mold?
  • How Brian tests for mold
  • What a typical mold remediation process should look like
  • What do you do with all of your stuff if you have to clear out mold in your house?
  • Do most people do a full remediation? And, if so, what would that look like?
  • What to do during your inspection period if you’re buying a house
  • How to treat mold that’s outside of your house and what you can do to prevent it from getting into your home
  • The top exterior areas that could be growing mold and what to do about them

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