Episode #124

Dr. Dan Stickler

Optimizing Health Through Epigenetics

If you exercise for six months, you can change the expressions of 7,000 genes — which is a third of our genome — in a positive way. Click To Tweet

In the quest for improving health, few people are doing it in the way that Dr. Dan Stickler and his team are.

That’s because they’re on the cutting-edge of medicine and they’re hyper-focused on optimizing genes to change how they’re expressed in a positive way.

As you’ll hear about in this episode, Dr. Stickler and his wife created a new system that analyzes someone’s genes and gives them individualized recommendations to improve their health and performance.

They also focus on bringing hormones back into a youthful state to help the body age better and promote longevity.

If you’re wondering how all of this is possible, Dr. Stickler and I get into every detail you need to know.

We’ll dive into the physical, mental, and spiritual components that go into Dr. Stickler’s approach and why they work so well.

You’ll also discover how eating locally affects your gene expression, what it takes to shift your epigenetics, and why Dr. Stickler only focuses on a small fraction of someone’s genes.

Dr. Stickler and I also get into wearable health trackers, psychedelics on mental health, brain mapping, biofeedback, and so much more.

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Dr. Dan Stickler started out in the medical field as a vascular surgeon and weight loss surgeon. But, as you’ll learn, he quickly became disheartened by the fact that all he was doing for patients was helping them postpone death.

He knew there had to be a better way, which led him down the path of creating a systems-based precision performance medicine.

This new paradigm helps people optimize their genes and their health so that they can live better and reach their peak performance.

And he does this by analyzing someone’s gene expression to see how to improve on it and work with it instead of against it.

Because of this unique approach, Dr. Stickler is a top physician to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs looking to upgrade their current state.

In addition to co-founding The Apeiron Center for Human Potential, Dr. Stickler is an author, podcaster, speaker, blogger, and the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective.

By tuning into this episode, you’ll see how Dr. Stickler goes against the grain of traditional medicine by integrating several cutting-edge technologies to help people optimize all aspects of their life.

Here’s a peek at some of the topics Dr. Stickler and I chat about:

  • How Dr. Stickler ended up in the medical field
  • What happened when he experienced our current medical system firsthand
  • Why Dr. Stickler developed a new system with his wife and what that looks like
  • Age management medicine, including what that is
  • Sick care management and how people get to this point
  • Going from an unbalanced state to homeostasis then to an optimized state and eventually an enhanced one
  • Why you may experience stomach upsets when traveling
  • Shifting epigenetics
  • The benefits of eating local on your genetics
  • How Dr. Stickler parses through information to make recommendations based on your genetics
  • How exercising for six months can change the expression of your genes and other changes that can also have this effect
  • What it looks like to work with one of Dr. Stickler’s coaches
  • Using snippets versus full gene sequences to make informed decisions on what to change
  • How Dr. Stickler’s team makes recommendations
  • Why Dr. Stickler and his team aim to normalize hormones to a youthful state
  • How to quantify the mental health side of the equation
  • Wearable watches and the benefits of using them
  • Brain mapping to increase performance
  • Psychedelics on brain and mental health
  • Neurofeedback versus biofeedback and which one Dr. Stickler and his team focus on
  • More about MDMA
  • Integrating a spiritual component and what that looks like
  • Do you need medications and psychedelics to tap into an enlightened state?
  • What it’s like to use ketamine for spiritual purposes

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