Episode #141

Justin Mares

Changing the Food System With Regenerative Agriculture

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Perfect Keto and Kettle & Fire co-founder Justin Mares has been on this podcast before but this episode is completely different from his first one.

In that one, Justin and I chatted about how we both got started in this space, the truth about the Blue Zones, sleep issues, and more.

This time, we dive head first into fixing our food system, which is why I’m excited to bring him back on.

Justin and I both agree that using a regenerative agriculture approach is the way to go and fake meats and plant-based diets are destroying our planet, not beef.

Justin also talks about how using regenerative agriculture affects the supply chain, why farmers and ranchers are resistant to switch over, and how to get more people educated on its benefits.

You’ll also learn about how we’re repeating history with a different weapon of choice, the problems with fake meats and popular plant-based foods like almond milk, why we need to quickly shift in the opposite direction away from fake food, and why many plant-based companies are heavily invested in promoting these foods to make a profit.

Justin also shares what it’s been like to weave regenerative agriculture into his Kettle & Fire bone broth brand.

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If you don’t know, Justin Mares is the co-founder of Perfect Keto and Kettle & Fire, best-selling author of Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth, and king of side hustles.

Together, we cover a ton of ground in this episode and we dive deep into two topics we’re both passionate about: fixing our food system and making regenerative agriculture more mainstream.

Tune in now and you’ll hear about these topics and more:

  • What the next big wave in the food system looks like
  • The controversial major change popular recipe website Epicurious made and why they were motivated to do it
  • Why fake meat companies have to rely heavily on advertising
  • Does real food stand a chance against these fake meats?
  • What history has taught us about the evolution of our food system
  • The ramifications from those issues in the past
  • The big food culprits behind how you feel
  • How meat versus plant-based food systems really affect our planet
  • Solving the myth that meat-producing farms use more water than plant-based ones
  • How Kettle & Fire are working with their supply chain to use more bones from regeneratively grown animals
  • Why regenerative agriculture hasn’t caught on and what it takes to do so
  • What we learned from Belcampo and the issues they ran into with their supply chain during the pandemic
  • How can you educate people about regenerative agriculture?
  • How do you make people aware of the taste differences between conventional meat and regeneratively grown meat?

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