Episode #136

Brad Marshall

How PUFAs and Vegetable Oils Negatively Impact Health

Organic poultry and pork have more linoleic acid than if you bought conventionally grown versions at the grocery store. Click To Tweet

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, then you’ve heard me talk to a few experts about how vegetable oils are wreaking havoc on our health.

Those discussions shed light on a growing problem but I knew I wanted to dive in deeper, which is exactly what this episode is all about.

I sit down with Brad Marshall, a molecular biologist and pig farmer who aims to cut down the amount of PUFAs in our meat supply, to dive into the exact mechanisms at play when we consume harmful vegetable oils.

Brad and I talk about how these vegetable oils are sneaking into our systems through our food supply and what happens when they enter our body.

So you’ll learn about how they disrupt health on a cellular level and where they wreak havoc once they’re there.

You’ll also discover the surprising differences between linoleic acid levels in organic and conventionally grown meat, how our fat cells respond to these foreign substances, and what the latest research shows.

Brad also chats about the differences between different fats, such as saturated fat, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats and so much more.

Brad and I go down a rabbit hole into some deep scientific tangents so if you’re someone who loves to nerd out like us, this episode is for you.

On average, most chicken is around 20% polyunsaturated fat and most pork is around 16%. Click To Tweet

As you’ll hear about in this episode, Brad is a jack of all trades. He went to Cornell to study molecular biology and then eventually went off to start his own charcuterie business and opened up several restaurants.

He even branched out into pig farming, started The Croissant Diet, and became a food historian along the way.

Brad is incredibly knowledgeable in this space, which is why I knew I had to get him on the show.

When you tune in, you’ll discover:

  • Brad’s background in molecular biology and how he found himself interested in this space
  • Brad also shares his experience with opening a charcuterie business to going on to opening restaurants and then eventually starting his own farm and what he learned along the way
  • The differences in American pork and European pork and why that happens
  • Polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils and how they get into our food supply
  • Saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fat differences
  • How the fat in a ribeye steak compares in monounsaturated fat and saturated fat
  • Which is higher in saturated fat: dairy or beef?
  • What happens when conventionally raised meat is fed a diet of corn and soybeans
  • Bioaccumulation of linoleic acids and how this affects us
  • How the body fat composition of Americans has changed since the 60s, 90s, and up until now and why that happened
  • The problem with pigs and poultry when conventionally grown
  • What changes with organically grown meat
  • Hyperlipids
  • The electron transport chain
  • Basic components of converting chemical energy from fat
  • Glycolysis
  • How linoleic acid creates improper signals in the body
  • Linoleic acid, stearic acid
  • The mechanisms behind insulin resistance in fat cells
  • Reactive oxygen species
  • Lipogenesis
  • What happens when you eat starch


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