Episode #129

Steven Kotler

Achieving Flow State and The Science Behind It

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve flow state? 

And I’m not just talking about being in the zone once in a while.

I’m referring to consistently reaching a flow state.

Is that even possible?

Or are just some people able to achieve this peak performance?

If you’ve ever wondered about flow state, including how to get there and the science behind it, my guest Steven Kotler, also known as The Flow Guy, has the answers you’ve been looking for.

Steven’s a phenomenal best-selling author who has written several great books, many of which are focused on flow, and he’s here to share his incredible knowledge on the topic in this podcast episode.

Steven and I get into topics ranging from what is flow, what are the perks of being in this state, whether or not anyone can achieve it, and what you can do to trigger a flow state.

We also dive into the evolutionary aspect of flow state, how it affects your brain chemistry, and what you can do if you’re dealing with a crisis or you’re in a normal state and trying to tap into flow.

We also touch on how flow states affect type A personalities, how Steven approaches flow in his own life, and the difference between macro and micro flow states.

Whether you’ve reached a flow state before or not, or you’ve never heard of it, this is one mind-blowing episode you don’t want to miss.

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On top of being a New York Times best-selling author, Steven Kotler is an award-winning journalist and leading expert on human performance.

He’s written thirteen books, nine of which became best-sellers, and he’s been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes.

He’s also appeared in over 100 publications and he’s now the co-host of the podcast the Flow Research Collective.

To say Steven knows a thing or two about flow state would be an understatement — he truly is an expert in the field.

And that’s why I couldn’t wait to get him on the show.

Here’s a look at some of the topics we get into in this episode:

  • Why Steven’s known as The Flow Guy and what he thinks of this title
  • What is the definition of flow?
  • Why Steven got into this space
  • How being in a flow state helped Steven with his Lyme disease
  • Can anyone achieve flow state or is it genetic?
  • The evolutionary case for flow state, and its advantage
  • Macro and micro flow states
  • The connection between a runner’s high and flow state
  • Tapping into primary flow states
  • The positive benefits that come with being in a flow state
  • How being in a flow state amplifies creativity
  • How long the effects of a flow state can last
  • How flow state can affect type A personalities
  • Flow state triggers
  • Dopamine and flow state
  • How Steven taps into flow state when it comes to his writing
  • Steven’s unique approach to practicing gratitude
  • Is your mindset connected to flow state?
  • The exact amount you should push yourself and why
  • The hardest thing to learn about being in a flow state
  • Can you achieve a flow state if you’re super stressed?
  • How to tackle this when you’re dealing with a crisis and when you’re not


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