Episode #47

David Goggins

Overcoming Obstacles, Changing Your Mindset, and How to Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

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David Goggins’ story doesn’t start out like most.

Growing up, he dealt with an abusive alcoholic father and a mother who had to work 3 jobs just to keep up with the bills.

All the while, he struggled in school due to a learning disability.

At one point he decided to change his situation by becoming a navy seal. The problem was, he was a whopping 297 pounds and, in order to even qualify to take the test, he would need to lose a triple digit weight loss in just 3 months.

Determined to prove he could do it, David changed his mindset and put in the hard work necessary to not only overcome these obstacles, but so many more.

And he continues to search out challenges and overcome them using the strategies we discuss in this podcast episode.

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David shares some common mistakes most people make when it comes to having the wrong mindset and the simple tools you can use to combat the problem and flip the switch.

With a combined 1.2 million in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers, David uses a tough but honest approach to motivate people into taking action instead of settling into a place of comfort and safety and never making any progress.

So to help you change your mindset, we’ll tackle these topics in this episode:

  • Why your mind prefers to go to a comfortable place and how to get it out of there to have better mind control
  • David’s own personal struggles, including how he grew up with an alcoholic, abusive dad and with a huge learning disability, and how he overcame them
  • Why too many people settle for the path of least resistance and what to do instead
  • How to tune into the voice in your head that pushes you and helps you hold yourself accountable
  • Why having this mindset is causing you to stay stagnant in your life
  • How David figures out what his next move is
  • Why David prefers physical challenges
  • The exact strategy to overcome a victim mentality
  • What you’ll need to combat a quitting mind and to grow out of your comfort zone
  • What you can learn from bullies
  • David’s tool, the accountability mirror, and why he goes against the norm by encouraging you to become your biggest critic so you can change what you don’t like
  • Strategies to prevent yourself from slipping back into old habits that don’t serve you
  • 2 things David does every night
  • Why you should be hyper-focused and present in everything you do
  • David’s thoughts on meditation
  • 3 personal tenets you should include in your daily life

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