Episode #116

Carly Johnson

Reversing Hashimoto’s Symptoms and Eliminating Household Toxins

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There are so many people that have influenced me to live a healthier life and this week’s podcast guest, Carly Johnson, is one of those.

As you’ll hear about in this episode, Carly didn’t take the traditional path to wellness that most of the experts that come on this show have.

She was going about her life with little regard for her health and she was eating a typical standard American diet.

It wasn’t until a health scare forced her to re-evaluate her ways and see that she could be doing things drastically different.

And when conventional medicine wasn’t working, she knew there had to be a better way. So she dove in deep to what else she could be doing to improve her health and it changed her life completely.

Carly comes on the show to share her journey and what she changed in order to see such incredible results.

On top of adjusting her diet, which she also discusses today, Carly shares some unexpected areas that could be contributing to poor health.

From water filtration systems to the toxins found in commercial fragrances, you’ll discover what else could be negatively affecting your health and how to eliminate them starting today.

Carly and I also chat about detoxification and juice cleanses and what you could be doing instead.

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In addition to being a great friend of mine, Carly is a non-toxic living expert and certified health coach. She’s also a Hashimoto’s advocate since she personally experienced the debilitating symptoms of this autoimmune disorder.

Today, she shares what’s worked for her, what she wishes she knew sooner, how to take care of yourself, and what you can do to reduce toxins in your environment (and why you’d want to do this in the first place).

And that’s exactly what she comes on the show to chat about.

Here’s a peek inside some of the topics Carly and I get into:

  • When Carly’s mindset shifted and why she started to focus on her health more
  • Carly’s experience being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and having thyroid issues
  • What happened when she treated these with conventional medicine
  • Why she switched doctors despite starting out with the best ones
  • What Carly’s healing journey looked like, including what she did, what worked and didn’t work, and what she needed to focus on instead
  • Where Carly believes her health issues stemmed from
  • What it means to take ownership over your health and why it’s important to do
  • How Carly started transforming and taking ownership over her health
  • Carly also shares what causes her illnesses to flair up these days and what she does to combat it
  • The three biggest triggers for Carly and why they’re so common to other people
  • Simple things you can do to create a healthy home environment
  • The problem with conventional fragrances
  • Why you should consider the artificial smells and fragrances in your house
  • What to look for on labels whenever you’re buying products for your home or body
  • What about using essential oils instead of artificial fragrances?
  • The problem of greenwashing and what you can do to avoid this trap
  • Water filtration and why this is so important
  • Chlorine in your shower and why this is so problematic
  • The problems with plastic water bottles and why you should ditch them starting today
  • Detoxifications, toxins, juice cleanses, and what you can do instead

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