Episode #53

Dr. Daniel Pompa

Why Most Detoxes Are Bogus, Mercury Poisoning, Autophagy, and How to Create New Stem Cells

All of those detoxes are too far downstream to what the real problem is and that’s the cell. Click To Tweet
You may be familiar with detoxes and cleanses. Maybe you’ve even tried one or two.

But what if I told you these barely scratched the surface when it comes to detoxifying the body?

And because of that, they’re not nearly as effective as they could be.

Yet, it is possible to detoxify, as you’ll learn in this podcast episode with Dr. Daniel Pompa, a former chiropractor who now practices cellular healing using his “5R Principles” — which you’ll also hear more about — and teaches hundreds of doctors and professionals how to help their patients through a cellular detox.

Dr. Pompa also shares his experience in dealing with chronic symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and panic attacks despite having normal bloodwork.

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You’ll also hear more about how fasting complements detoxification, why going low-carb is so effective, and why Dr. Pompa — who has close to 100k followers on his Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel combined — promotes diet variation.

To see what else is in store, check out this list of the topics we cover:

  • Dr. Pompa’s background and how he went from being in pain to finding his purpose
  • How Dr. Pompa had normal bloodwork despite dealing with mercury poisoning in his brain
  • Should you get dental fillings removed?
  • Where deadly, hidden infections could be hiding
  • Why a buildup of too many toxins could be the reason why you’re not losing weight
  • The major flaws with commercial detoxes and cleanses and why they don’t actually work
  • What it takes for a detox to be truly effective
  • Three phases of a real detox
  • The 5 R’s of Dr. Pompa’s detox program
  • The key to turning off bad genes that are connected to thyroid and weight issues
  • Dr. Pompa’s thoughts on infrared saunas and coffee enemas
  • Why it’s crucial that you change the fats in your diet, especially those coming from foods marketed as healthy
  • The missing component even if you eat a healthy diet
  • You’ll also learn more about Dr. Pompa’s diet variation principles and why feast and famine cycles are so effective
  • Everything you need to know about autophagy, including how it works and the conditions that see incredible benefits
  • How to get your body to produce more anti-inflammatory stem cells
  • Dr. Pompa also dives into the fasting mimicking diet and dry fasting, plus his take on whether a dry or water fast is a good idea for most people

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