Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Review

You have probably heard about the new craze in health foods: bone broth. Strangely enough, this is one of those foods that we had been consuming as humans for a very long time, then recently stopped, now it is a “superfood.” Eating like we are supposed to and have been for a long time is good for us. Go figure.

Bone broth is more than just a stock. When you use the bones of animals and cook them for a very long time, you extract an incredible amount of nutrition that isn’t otherwise accessible. I wrote awhile ago all about the nutrition of bone broth how to incorporate it and why it should be part of your diet. In a quick summary, a properly made bone broth contains a massive amount of micronutrients, collagen and gelatin for joint and soft tissue support, as well the amino acids glycine and proline that can be incredibly healing for your gut (1, 2, 3, 4). That being said, you should be using bone broth all of time. In soups, sauces, drinking it, whatever works for you.

However, if you’ve read my guide on how to make bone broth or have tried yourself already, you’ll already know why this article exists. Bone broth can take forever to make, be super messy, smell up your house, and is a pain to clean up and store.

Enter Kettle and Fire.

Kettle and Fire bone broth is a grass fed bone broth that is not only delicious, but has a unique advantage over any other bone broth you can buy —  it is shelf stable.

I’ve run the gamut on bone broths that are frozen and refrigerated and have come into a bunch of major problems. They are either way too expensive ($16+ at specialty butchers), spoil easily, are inconvenient (I want bone broth now you stupid frozen thing!), or taste bad and don’t gel (meaning low collagen and nutrients… looking at you, Epic). Kettle and Fire solves every single one of these issues and has won a lifetime customer in the process.

Kettle and Fire bone broth blew me away for several reasons:

1) It is 100% grass fed and organic. I can rest easy knowing it uses sustainable practices and I’m not eating garbage.
2) No additives, preservatives or other weird things. You know I am super picky about this. Look at the ingredient label. Real food, folks.
3) It is delicious. Seriously. I could just drink this stuff like tea. It goes well by itself or in about 20 different recipes I’ve used it in already.
4) It is shelf stable. This makes it insanely convenient for my busy schedule. It can be shipped to me. I can store it in my cupboard. They are using ridiculously expensive, high-tech equipment and making real food accessible. Amazing.
5) It is affordable. Relative to the $16/jar I was forced to buy at my local butcher, Kettle and Fire is a bargain.
6) It gels. When I see a refrigerated bone broth and it is still super liquid, that’s a huge red flag to me. Kettle and Fire passes all of the tests here.

Let’s be honest here. I’m all about real food and maximizing nutrition, BUT I’m also super busy. I look for as many shortcuts to health as possible. If you’ve been reading my stuff for awhile, you’ll know that my general rule is “if it doesn’t spoil, don’t eat it.” I’m proud to say this is one of the exceptions.

Trust me, if I could find healthy food to stock my cupboards with, I would. Barely any foods fit that mold and the reality is Kettle and Fire does. Their bone broth is a unique product that is incredibly healthy and shelf stable. My request? Make more products!

Because they are so amazing, I asked (begged) for a coupon code for my readers. It is GUSTIN15 and you can use it to get 15% off of your order on their site. You’re welcome.


Kettle and Fire could easily be used in any of my soup recipes:
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