Episode #119

Dr. Molly Maloof

How to Extend Your Lifespan and Improve Your Quality of Life

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When most people think of optimizing their health, their first instinct is to turn to their diet and exercise habits and address those before anything else.

But today’s guest, Dr. Molly Maloof, a physician, tech advisor, and entrepreneur, shows why these are just two pieces of a much bigger puzzle and why there’s other, just as important areas to focus on.

You’ll discover what those are, why addressing them can be so life changing, and why your focus should be on extending your lifespan (and how to do this).

Dr. Maloof also goes into other topics like psychedelics, a foundational principle of health, nurturing personal relationships and why this matters, and where our current Covid-19 pandemic is heading.

As you’ll hear about in this podcast episode, Dr. Molly Maloof wasn’t always the epitome of health.

During her medical studies and residency, she experienced extreme burnout and didn’t live the same healthy lifestyle she does now.

But after making a few key adjustments, all of that changed for her. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn about when you tune in.

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Dr. Molly Maloof is a physician, tech advisor, entrepreneur, and she teaches at Stanford University. Her focus is on helping people optimize their health — using unconventional practices — and extend their lifespans.

She doesn’t believe in running your health to the ground in order to maximize productivity and output and she’s focused on improving our health care using a radically different approach.

You’ll hear more about those topics and so much more in this episode.

Here’s a peek at the topics Dr. Maloof and I get into:

  • Dr. Maloof’s medical background and how she found herself on this path
  • What being burned out taught her
  • The lifestyle changes she made due to burnout and what happened as a result
  • How she ended up creating a life-changing course
  • How working for a tech company led to her creating a practice around optimizing health
  • Why we should be focusing on extending our lifespans and prolonging disease and disability as long as possible and what that looks like
  • Why we should stop rewarding damaging lifestyles
  • Psychedelics as medicine, including what that looks like, how it can be done safely, and what to avoid doing
  • The foundational principle of health
  • Why community is so important to our well being
  • Loneliness as a primitive signal
  • Ketamine as therapy for suicidal thoughts
  • Why Dr. Maloof ended up resigning in her residency and what she did next
  • What a new version of medicine and healthcare could look like
  • Mitochondrial function and why this is a huge facet of health that most people overlook
  • What it means to be psychologically stressed and what you can do to fix this
  • Dr. Maloof also shares her thoughts on this current Covid pandemic and what the future will look like 
  • The supplements Dr. Maloof recommends for better health

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