Episode #091

Dr. Michael Ruscio

Combating Viruses Through Improving Gut Health

Gut health has a measurable impact on immune health and this is likely because the largest density of immune cells in your entire body is located in your small intestine. Click To Tweet

I’ve had my guest Dr. Michael Ruscio, a best-selling author and Doctor of Natural Medicine, on the podcast twice so far and he’s actually one of the few guests to appear on the show three times.

I consider him to be the guru of gut health and it’s one of the many reasons why I knew I had to bring him back on to chat.

Today’s episode is a little different than the first two though since Dr. Ruscio and I are taking things a step further by diving into how your gut health is connected to immunity.

With this Covid pandemic still in full swing, I wanted to share a side that’s rarely talked about: combating viruses through improving gut health.

In this episode, Dr. Ruscio shares some incredible research on how certain viruses already respond to probiotics and how your gut health can leave you vulnerable or protected from viruses.

Dr. Ruscio and I also chat about his thoughts on the current pandemic, how healthcare is going to change over the next five, 10, and 15 years from now, and so much more.

43% of the probiotics assessed contained less than half the amount listed on their labels. Click To Tweet

Dr. Ruscio also shares his incredible insight into probiotics, including the three main types, the research behind each one, and what to do if you’re not responding well to probiotics right now.

You’ll also discover the top sources of probiotic rich foods and how they compare to taking probiotics.

And since I’ve had Dr. Ruscio on the show before, he’s also going to discuss what’s changed for him in his clinical practice since coming on.

While his beliefs in probiotics haven’t changed too much, he has since shifted one thing he does in his practice and it’s one that I think many people are going to be surprised to hear.

If you haven’t caught Dr. Ruscio’s past episodes or you’re not familiar with him, he’s a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a chiropractor, clinical researcher, and best-selling author.

He’s also a committee member of the Naturopathic Board of Gastroenterology research division and his work has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

To say Dr. Ruscio is a pioneer in the gut-health space would be an understatement. 

Not only does he understand the ins and outs of gut health, and the science behind it, he’s constantly staying up to date on the latest changes, including how it relates to virus protection.

When you tune into the episode, you’ll hear about these topics and more:

  • Dr. Ruscio shares how his practice has adopted to quarantine measures and seeing patients remotely
  • He also shares his thoughts on this current Covid pandemic
  • Why we need a better balance when it comes to healthcare regulations
  • How home-based test kits are revolutionizing healthcare testing
  • The role gut health plays in keeping people protected from viruses
  • Three main categories of probiotics and the research that supports each one
  • The differences between the types of probiotics out on the market
  • Do probiotics need to be refrigerated?
  • What to do if you can’t tolerate probiotics
  • What people can focus on to become habitually resilient to viruses
  • How gut health affects other inflammatory conditions like IBS and rheumatoid arthritis 
  • How fermentable foods compare to taking probiotics
  • The best fermentable foods to give you a dose of probiotics
  • What’s changed since the last time Dr. Ruscio appeared on the show
  • Why Dr. Ruscio is hesitant to order too many health tests for his patients
  • How your genes affect your health
  • Why some genetic testing can lead to making you unhealthier and why they may just be a waste of money
  • How to eat for your genetics
  • Dr. Ruscio also shares access to his probiotic protocol

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