Episode #058

Dr. Michael Ruscio

Strategies for Improving Gut Health, How Histamines Might Be Sabotaging Your Health, and Choosing the Right Probiotic

If you have some type of bacterial overgrowth or dysbiosis then you have these irritants and environmental toxins hanging out in your gut and causing irritation. The immunoglobulins will glob onto those, bind to those, deactivate those,… Click To Tweet

You may already be familiar with just how important gut health is.

But what you may not know is that it’s also highly-individualized, meaning, you can’t just take things like probiotics and prebiotics, add them into your diet, and hope for the best.

This won’t restore your gut health and worse, it could offset your normal bacteria balance even further in the wrong direction.

That’s why it’s essential to take a targeted approach that’s tailored specifically to what your body needs when it comes to fixing your gut health.

So how exactly can you do that?

My repeat guest, Dr. Michael Ruscio, a Functional Medicine practitioner, clinical researcher, and best-selling author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You, shows you the necessary steps to take to improve your gut in this podcast episode.

Dr. Ruscio also dives into why probiotics may not be working for you and how to find the right ones that will.

I would just recommend that people learn to listen to their own bodies. That’s really half the battle -- maybe even more -- when it comes to diet. Click To Tweet

Dr. Ruscio — who has over 50k followers on his social media platforms combined — and I also chat about how your healthy diet could be packed with histamines– I was SHOCKED to find out mine was, the best diets for gut repair, a quick 7-day elimination diet, and how cheat meals and sugar alcohols really affect the gut.

To see what else we jump into, check out this episode’s lineup:

  • Dr. Michael Ruscio’s Functional Medicine approach to improving gut health  
  • Immunoglobulins, including what they are, their role in gut health, and when they can be helpful
  • Dr. Ruscio’s three step protocol for evaluating whether a supplement is snake oil or if it lives up to its claims
  • Where to start when it comes to improving your gut
  • The best diets to start with to fix your gut
  • Well-rounded probiotics, what these are and why it’s essential to use this approach
  • Why some probiotics may not work for you
  • Antimicrobial therapy
  • An elemental diet
  • Is it okay to remove fiber long-term from the gut such as with a Carnivore Diet?
  • How long can it take to repair gut after cheat meals
  • How avoiding these two foods helps you get a 70-80% improvement in your gut
  • Higher fat versus higher carb cheat meals on gut health
  • Dr. Ruscio’s take on sugar alcohols as it pertains to gut health
  • The problems associated with overconsumption of prebiotics
  • The surprising dietary histamines found in many healthy, low-carb foods and a low histamine diet
  • Dr. Ruscio also shares is one-week histamine elimination diet
  • What to add in if you do have histamine intolerances

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