Episode #076

Jesse Griffiths

Hunting for Better Food Quality

“Hunting should be more associated with food culture than gun culture.” Click To Tweet
For the first episode of The Natural State Podcast, we’re kicking things off with a controversial topic that may offend some people.

If the headline hasn’t given it away yet, my guest Jesse Griffiths and I are diving into hunting.

But this is not your average hunting approach.

Instead of killing animals for sport, it’s about doing so to improve the quality of the foods you eat.

I started out completely against it and have since come around, as you’ll soon learn.

That’s because Jesse has a unique way of approaching hunting and he shares this in this podcast episode.

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You’ll also discover how Jesse has respect and admiration for the animals he hunts and he puts incredible emphasis on sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally.

If you’re not familiar with Jesse Griffiths, he’s the owner of Dai Due, a restaurant in Austin, TX that sources its ingredients locally and seasonally.

Jesse also hosts and teaches hunting and butchery classes in his hunting schools, which you’ll hear more about.

And that’s just the beginning of what we get into.

Here’s a peek at the topics we chat about:

  • Jesse Griffiths’ background and his crazy high standards
  • The problems Jesse faced early on when trying to source grass-fed meats 
  • What drew Jesse to this lifestyle
  • Three things that matter the most when it comes to sourcing high-quality foods 
  • How Jesse’s story evolved from cooking at farmer’s markets to starting hunting schools and butchering classes
  • You’ll also learn more about where the name for his restaurant Dai Due comes from
  • When Jesse first started hunting, why he did it, his goals for doing it, and what he learned from it
  • More about his hunting schools and butchery classes
  • The difference between the hunting style of most people versus Jesse’s
  • Jesse’s outlook on hunting when faced with criticism
  • The problems associated with invasive species and how hunting solves this and saves millions of dollars worth of environmental damage

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