Episode #13

Chris Dufey

Transform Your Health By Upgrading Your Relationship with Food

013: Transform Your Health By Upgrading Your Relationship with Food - Chris Dufey
Eat quality food. Look at your quality over your quantity. If you focus on quality, I've seen time and time again that quantity starts to take care of itself. Click To Tweet

Take a look at this:

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On the left photo, Chris Dufey was in his early 20s, worked as a personal trainer, and felt terrible. He was sluggish, tired, insecure, and his testosterone levels had gone down.

On the right, that’s how Chris looks like now — fit, healthy, and confident.

What changed?

In today’s episode, I had the chance to ask Chris this question and talk about what he’s learned between then and now.

For Chris, it wasn’t just a healthier diet or better workouts that drove the change, but an improved relationship with food and himself.

When people try to get fit or simply lose some extra weight, they usually take this approach: count calories, deprive themselves, eat foods they don’t like and do workouts they hate because they think that’s the only way.

Chris realized this flawed approach hurts our relationship with food and makes us miserable.

He believes that developing a healthier relationship with our food is indispensable for living a healthier, happier life.

A healthy relationship with food moves the focus away from calories, macronutrients, guilt, and deprivation, and turns your attention towards the quality of the food you eat and your body’s natural hunger queues.

The use of our words is so powerful. If we're saying 'I'm having a cheat meal', there's a lot of bad energy that can come behind that and therefore go into the choices of what you're going to have. Click To Tweet

Join me and Chris to learn how to improve your relationship with food, how to get in tune with your body, and much more.

In this episode, we go over:

  • Why you should never follow diets or exercise routines that make you miserable
  • Chris’ four rules for optimal health
  • Why you should prioritize food quality
  • How to stay healthy without obsessing over macronutrients and calories
  • Why you should eat by hunger, not by schedules or social norms
  • How to stay healthy when travelling
  • The benefits on fasting while on the road
  • The intuitive way Chris does intermittent fasting
  • Why you should care about the quality of the fats you eat
  • Why vegetable oils are basically poison
  • Why Chris dislikes cheat meals
  • Chris’ workout philosophy and his go-to exercise circuit when he’s busy
  • What Chris eats in a day
  • Why Chris switches between fats and carbs
  • How Chris adjusts his macros for building muscle
  • Chris’ tips for amazing sleep

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