Episode #191

Case Bradford

Practicing the Art of Vitality

Case Bradford

Ever wonder what gives you vitality? 

I chat with Case Bradford, Primal Health Coach, about the best habits to elevate your body-mind health and fitness (and which devitalizing habits you should avoid).

Case is an enthusiastic advocate for authentic vitality. He shares his best tips for making intuitive calls about your health rather than unquestioningly trusting the science behind your everyday motions.

Tune in to the episode to hear our thoughts on:

  • How to define vitality
  • What prevents people from reaching their peak vitality
  • Habits to practice when you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained
  • How to explore your own authentic, holistic vitality
  • The top microtoxins that devitalize us
  • The new rules of essential modern hygiene for better health
  • The benefits of local, biodynamic foods
  • Thoughts about fasting from a ritualistic, meditative perspective
  • The “pure alchemy” of making amazingly nutrient-dense ice cream

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