Episode #190

The Meat Mafia Podcast

Leading a Purpose-Driven Life Through Entrepreneurship & Spirituality

The Meat Mafia Podcast
Risk is where you develop faith. A belief in something higher than yourself empowers you to be in the moment instead of having anxieties about the future. Click To Tweet

Brett Ender and Harry Gray are hosts of The Meat Mafia Podcast and co-founders of Noble Origins, a nose-to-tail nourishment company. 

We chat about entrepreneurship, spirituality, fixing a broken food system, leading a purpose-driven life, and more.

Covid was like a spiritual unlocking. People felt lonely, isolated, and lost trust in the government and corporations. Now they’re finding their ways back to their own spirituality. Click To Tweet

Tune in to the episode to hear us discuss:

  • Our shared wisdom and entrepreneurial lessons learned 
  • The dark side of selling a business
  • Finding personal fulfillment vs. chasing monetary success
  • Which supplements inspired Brett and Harry’s line of products
  • Why investing in local communities may be more beneficial than solving problems at scale
  • How regenerative agriculture may be the easiest way to get people back to human wholeness
  • What we each hope to contribute to fix the broken food system
  • The power of supportive local communities 
  • What traditional religion gets wrong and how spirituality manifests in our daily lives

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