Episode #188

AJ Richards

Shake the Hand that Feeds You

AJ Richards
We’re losing 14,000 small farmers and ranchers every year. That used to be productive land for food; now it’s becoming residential and commercial warehouses. - AJ Richards Click To Tweet

AJ Richards is a fifth-generation rancher and a seasoned expert in agriculture and food supply chain management. We discuss why he’s launching the Airbnb of hyperlocal food supply, where farmers and ranchers connect directly with consumers nationwide.

Our entire food system is corrupt, fragile, and broken. It’s a national security issue that most people are 100% clueless about. - AJ Richards Click To Tweet

Tune in to the episode to discover:

  • The biggest issues with our current food supply chain model
  • Why our food chain’s fragility is a national security issue (and which countries control 85% of our meat)
  • What happens if the largest meat supplier in the world goes public
  • Why it’s so important to “shake hands” with your local farmers and ranchers
  • What the new “Agrarian Movement” looks like, the future of regenerative agriculture, and what AJ’s most hopeful about

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