Episode #186

Dr. Casey Means

Restoring the Pillars of Metabolic Health To Power Your Purpose

Dr. Casey Means
Our culture has systematically removed what we need to efficiently adapt so they can sell it back to us with products, medicines, etc., to make us healthy again. Click To Tweet

Metabolic dysfunction is a serious epidemic in the US. It’s at the root of almost all modern health conditions and diseases. 

Worse? There’s virtually no action from our leaders to fix this national health crisis.

So in this episode, I chat with Dr. Casey Means about what we can do to combat all the ways society fundamentally harms our bodies, makes us a “product” to exploit, and undermines our health goals. 

Prediabetes isn’t a ‘pre-disease;’ it’s full-blown insulin resistance that’s been going on for years under the radar. But treatment is nonexistent in the US. Click To Tweet

As the Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of the metabolic health company Levels, it’s Dr. Casey’s mission to help people understand and leverage their health data to thrive.

During our conversation, we explore the eight “pillars” of metabolic health and how to reach your peak state naturally.

Along the way, we discuss topics like:

  • The problematic concept of exercise
  • What people don’t understand about prediabetes
  • The truth about triglycerides vs. LDL cholesterol 
  • How to assess your metabolic health (& the most important test to get)
  • Leveraging CGM data as an effective biofeedback tool (it’s more than noticing blood sugar spikes)
  • The best tips to improve your metabolic health, from easy to advanced
  • How to win a free Levels kit!

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