Episode #183

Bastian Groiss

Scheduling Your Day Using Circadian Biological Timing

Bastian Groiss
Indoor light is so deprived of the regenerative, repairing light frequencies that it’s almost impossible to be healthy, energized, or happy without going outside. - Bastian Groiss Click To Tweet

What are the best times to wake up, eat, work out, focus, and sleep according to circadian biology? There’s an app for that!

I’ve been a fan of the Circadian app ever since I started experimenting with circadian rhythm optimization. It uses your location to align your daily activities with circadian biological timing. 

So I spoke with Bastian Groiss, the director & co-founder of Circadian, about how technology can help us apply the science of circadian rhythms in the modern world.

Bright LEDs spike cortisol, adrenaline, & make us more productive during the day. But this overproduction of stress hormones leads to burnout. - Bastian Groiss Click To Tweet

We discuss the evolutionary relationship humans have with sunlight. We also dive into how different sunlight stages impact everything from our energy levels and moods to our mental performance and overall well-being.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Why it’s almost scientifically impossible to be healthy or happy spending 99% of your day indoors
  • How indoor light (natural vs. artificial) and outdoor light (UVA vs. UVB) affect our bodies
  • Why phasing out incandescent light bulbs may be a mistake
  • The circadian biology way to start your mornings with more energy (sans caffeine) 
  • What an “overdose” of blue light may cause
  • The four circadian cues that optimize our bodies for health and wellness
  • Getting over the comfort crisis 

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