Episode #181

Dr. Chadi Nabhan

The True Story Behind The Monsanto Cancer Trials

Dr. Chadi Nabhan
Many people don't know how bad or how prevalent glyphosate is. But people need to know; it’s a public health issue. I’m spreading the word to advocate for us. Click To Tweet

Dr. Chadi Nabhan is an oncologist who testified as an expert witness in the first three litigation trials against Monsanto and their potentially cancer-causing herbicide Roundup.

Roundup is the most commonly used weed killer in the world and is often sprayed indiscriminately in our environment. That’s why glyphosate (its active ingredient) has tainted our soil, waterways, and food — it’s even in 97% of people’s urine!

I think glyphosate is an enormous problem. 

And as Dr. Nabhan explains, it’s been linked to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, other cancers, and several health conditions, which is why the courts have been ruling plaintiffs billions of dollars in damages after their exposure to it.

I believe the safest thing is to not use Roundup. But if people do, they need to be informed of the risks and take the right precautions. Click To Tweet

So in this episode, we discuss:

  • The chemical history of glyphosate
  • Why Roundup’s formulation increases glyphosate absorption in our skin
  • How researchers in the Agricultural Health Study (AHS) and regulators like the EPA mishandled the science linking glyphosate to cancer
  • Why the internal “Monsanto Papers” reveal the company knew about these dangers all along
  • What Roundup-ready seeds (i.e., glyphosate-resistant plants) mean for the health of our food system
  • Dr. Nabhan’s new book: Toxic Exposure: The True Story Behind The Monsanto Trials And The Search For Justice

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