Episode #180

Georgie Ryan

A Primer On Quantum Health & Circadian Biology

Georgie Ryan
Most people pull their energy from food, & there’s nothing wrong with that. But other energy sources can help mitochondria function better & you feel better. - Georgie Ryan Click To Tweet

What is quantum health?

As Georgie Ryan explains during our chat, when we pick up electrons from our food and environment, they enter our cell membranes and charge us like batteries. 

He breaks down the process, explores what it means for our health, and shares the top five ways we can capture more electrons to boost our energy levels.

We also dive into circadian biology, which builds on the science of circadian rhythms, or our body’s natural sleep/wake cycle.

Georgie discusses how to optimize our health using different sunlight phases and highlights why we should pay more attention to them. His tips may help with dysregulated hormones, stress levels, sleep, and even gut imbalances. 

Expose your belly to UV light while eating. Sounds woo woo, but the microbiome is turned on/off by UV light. It helps nutrients in your food become more bioavailable. - Georgie Ryan Click To Tweet

In this info-packed episode, you’ll also hear about:

  • Foods with the highest availability of electrons
  • Water and hydration from a quantum perspective
  • Why sunlight during the UVA rise sets the tone for how you feel the rest of the day
  • The most important meal in circadian biology
  • The nuances of melatonin for your body’s repair and restoration cycles (and how to avoid suppressing it)

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