Episode #167

Calley Means

Fixing a Broken Healthcare and Food System When There’s So Much Funding to Keep People Chronically Ill

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Calley Means’ recent Twitter post exposed the racist agenda of Coca-Cola and racked up a whopping 12 million views,  13,000 retweets, and close to 60,000 likes in just one month.

And that’s just one tiny piece of Calley’s incredible journey to exposing the problems of our current healthcare and food system.

But Calley’s not just highlighting the issues; he’s actively working on a solution through his latest company, TrueMed, which aims to use food and exercise as medicine, not pharmaceuticals.

You’ll hear more about his latest company, along with Calley’s first-hand experience seeing big pharma and food companies funneling money to professors, universities, and research studies on nutrition to skew the data in their favor. You’ll also learn about how companies like Coca-Cola continue to target low-income families through food stamp programs and how they lobby to avoid having a sugar tax placed on their products.

Calley also discusses how our current system has been making people with chronic diseases worse off instead of better, why weight loss drugs are not the answer, especially for obese kids, and what can be done to turn things around.

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Calley also shares his personal experience and how he found himself in this space, what he believes the root causes of chronic diseases are based on science and research, and more about his company TrueMed.

Here’s a look at what Calley and I get into in this episode:

  • Calley’s backstory and why he started caring about health and fixing the healthcare system
  • How it’s become normalized for people to be chronically sick and taking a handful of prescriptions each day, and what that stems from
  • How the food system is designed to be efficient at making food cheap and addicting
  • Calley’s Twitter post that went viral and shed light on how food companies are funding research on nutrition and skewing the results in their favor
  • The two biggest lobbying spenders and why this is a massive problem for our healthcare system
  • How our chronic disease management process is actually causing diseases to go up and get worse instead of making things better
  • What can be done to fix our healthcare system?
  • Will our healthcare system eventually work itself out?
  • What can be done to address rising mental health issues?
  • How the scientific community has let Americans down and what can be done about it
  • Calley shares his thoughts on treating obese kids with prescription drugs and shots
  • The problem with weight loss drugs and why this is a huge issue
  • The root causes of chronic diseases and how it’s preventable
  • Calley’s latest business, TrueMed, and the problems it’s actively working to solve

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