Episode #157

Joe and Serenity Carr

Upending the Baby Food and Formula Space With Nutrient-Dense, Meticulously-Sourced Ingredients

The carb source of most formulas is corn, rice, or maltodextrin. They call it different things so you don’t know it’s cornstarch. Click To Tweet

One question I get asked often is – is there a clean baby formula brand you recommend?

Similar to our current food system, if you start going down the rabbit hole of baby formula, you’re likely to be disgusted, angry, and may even a little bit sad.

After all, this is what we’re feeding our growing babies.

The amount of options for baby formula is almost endless yet 99% of them contain harmful ingredients like GMO corn and industrial seed oils to name a few.

I was so sickened by what I found that I almost set out to make a baby formula myself.

But I soon realized just how expensive it would be to do and, plus, since I don’t have any kids of my own yet, it felt a bit disingenuous.

Fortunately, my guests, Joe and Serenity Carr, the creators of Serenity Kids, were several steps ahead of me and already fighting an uphill battle.

In this episode, Joe and Serenity discuss how they discovered that the formula options on the market were terrible for you and why they set out to make a healthier, more nutrient-dense alternative.

They’ll also share why they chose specific ingredients, why other formula manufacturers aren’t doing the same, how large amounts of heavy metals get into baby foods, and more.

You’ll also learn the difference between A1 and A2 protein in formula and why that matters and how formula manufacturers are cutting costs at the expense of our health. 

Every other (formula) manufacturer puts garbage in theirs. I can’t think of any other one that even comes remotely close to what we have. They all use industrial seed oils. Click To Tweet

If you don’t know Joe and Serenity Carr, they’re a husband and wife duo behind the clean baby food brand Serenity Kids.

After seeing how bad the baby food options were on the market, they decided to create their own using nutrient-dense proteins, healthy fats, and savory vegetables instead of sugar, grains, and other harmful ingredients.

Joe and Serenity recently launched their toddler formula and they share all about it in this episode.

Here’s a peek at everything Joe, Serenity, and I get into:

  • Joe and Serenity’s background and how they found themselves in the baby food space
  • The first food product Joe and Serenity launched and why
  • How they chose the specific ingredients in their first baby food product
  • The principles their baby food products and company live by
  • Heavy metals in baby food and how this came to light
  • Other foods high in metals and why this is a problem for growing babies
  • What Serenity discovered with infant formula during her own search as a mother
  • How Joe and Serenity found themselves making their toddler formula
  • Why other companies are still using harmful seed oils in their infant formula
  • The differences between A1 and A2 protein found in milk
  • How Joe and Serenity’s toddler formula compares to those on the market
  • Why they chose to add a natural folate instead of a synthetic one like most formulas on the market do
  • Population studies on breastmilk
  • Why Joe and Serenity have a toddler formula (vs. infant formula)
  • Why Joe and Serenity chose palm oil in their toddler formula

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