Episode #145

Tucker Goodrich

The Research on Vegetable Oils and Inflammation, Cholesterol, Chronic Diseases, and More

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I sat down twice with Tucker Goodrich, the world’s primary expert on seed oils, to chat about vegetable oils. 

In Part One, we discussed why vegetable oils are so harmful, how prevalent they’ve become, where they came from, how they’re connected to chronic diseases, and what happens when we over consume them. 

You can find that episode linked below.

In Part Two, Tucker and I dive deeper into the science to see what the research shows when it comes to vegetable oils and inflammation, cholesterol, chronic diseases, and more.

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Tucker and I also get into some of the common rebuttals people make in saying that veggie oils are good for our health and cholesterol and we talk about how they can actually increase your risk for heart disease.

Here’s a look at some of the overarching topics we cover in this episode:

  • Does consuming seed oils really lead to increased inflammation?
  • What trials on linoleic acid consumption and migraines showed
  • Aren’t seed oils better for your cholesterol?
  • What the Lyon Diet Heart study discovered as the most successful heart disease prevention strategy
  • How are seed oils connected to heart disease?
  • What forced the US to ban trans fats and is there any chance it can happen with seed oils next?
  • Is linoleic acid essential if it’s found naturally in foods?
  • How Tucker thinks we should approach seed oils
  • How seed oils sneak into the meat you’re eating
  • What Dr. Cate Shanahan believes we could have done differently with the Covid-19 pandemic and Tucker’s thoughts on this

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