Episode #132

Dr. Will Cole

Harnessing the Power of Intuitive Fasting

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Dr. Will Cole, a functional medicine expert and best-selling author, is one of a handful of guests to come on this show for a third time now and there’s good reason for this.

He’s an expert in the health and wellness space and he approaches health from a holistic point of view which is key.

In this episode, Dr. Cole and I chat about intuitive fasting, including what that is, who can benefit from using it, who it’s not right for, and some hacks to help you succeed in using this tool.

We also dive into other important topics like how women should approach keto and fasting, mental health, lab work to get done to gauge your overall health, metabolic flexibility, and the style of eating Dr. Cole recommends.

Dr. Cole and I also chat about intuitive eating and how this approach may not work for everyone, multi-day fasts, the best stress reducing tools to use, and so much more.

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If this is your first time tuning into Dr. Cole’s episodes, he’s a top functional medicine practitioner who uses telehealth medicine to help patients from all over the world identify the root causes of their chronic health issues so they can start healing once and for all.

On top of writing his latest book, Intuitive Fasting, he’s also authored Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum, which both help people improve their health and key blood markers.

Dr. Cole has also been recognized as one of the top 50 functional medicine and integrative doctors in the United States and he’s also a public speaker and course instructor for top wellness companies like MindBodyGreen and Goop.

If you’ve tuned into the first two episodes Dr. Cole and I did, this one is a little different in that we talk about intuitive fasting, fasting hacks, and how to best succeed with fasting. So you’ll still learn something new when you check out this episode.

Here’s a look at some of the topics Dr. Cole and I chat about:

  • What Dr. Will Cole is into these days
  • His thoughts on intuitive eating and what that really looks like on a practical level
  • Who shouldn’t follow an intuitive eating style
  • More about intuitive fasting
  • How to tell if you’re metabolically flexible and if intuitive eating could work for you
  • Blood work to check out to see if you’re in good shape metabolically
  • Dr. Cole’s intuitive fasting quiz
  • Why Dr. Cole uses a cyclical fasting approach and what that looks like
  • Can you fast without changing your diet to a low-carb high-fat keto diet?
  • The eating style Dr. Cole recommends and why
  • Situations where it’s not a good idea to fast
  • The fasting window Dr. Cole suggests using and progressing to
  • Key markers to pay attention to to see if fasting is beneficial for you
  • Keto and fasting tips for women
  • Why you can’t just go off of your lab work and what else you should pay attention to
  • Stress reducing tools Dr. Cole recommends to his patients
  • Detaching from technology
  • What Dr. Cole has done differently since appearing on this podcast
  • Mycotoxin testing, including what that is and why it pays to get this done
  • Dr. Cole’s thoughts and experience with multi-day fasts

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