Episode #118

Dr. John Jaquish

Why Your Weight Lifting Routine is Wasting Your Time

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Are you someone who strength trains regularly yet you can’t seem to make any real progress?

Despite going to the gym and tweaking your diet, are you still stuck looking like you don’t even work out?

As my guest Dr. John Jaquish, who happens to be a scientist, inventor, and The Wall Street Journal best-selling author, explains in this podcast episode, this is an all too common problem that many gym goers face.

And the root cause may surprise you.

Dr. Jaquish believes that weight lifting is actually a huge waste of time. And no matter how many different programs you try, you’re not going to get the results you want because it’s an ineffective form of exercise.

He also suggests that cardio is even worse for you.

So the question becomes, what is the best way to workout?

You’ll find the answer to that question and more in this podcast episode.

Along with that, Dr. Jaquish and I dive into why going to the gym won’t help, how the equipment in most gyms is useless, genetic differences between athletes and regular people, and what it really takes to create muscle synthesis.

Dr. Jaquish also gets into why NBA players are starting to adapt this form of exercise and why cardio is also not the answer, despite what we’ve been told.

If you’re someone who lifts weights regularly and for several years now, you’re going to be blown away by what Dr. Jaquish shares.

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Dr. John Jaquish has spent his life researching and developing a better approach to health. He understood that most people don’t have several hours per week to work out and, even if they did, it’s not an effective way to improve health.

So he set out to change that and eventually invented a bone density building technology known as the X3. This powerful piece of equipment can help people build muscle faster than weight training and it has the lowest risk of joint injuries while doing so.

His method is so powerful that the entire Miami Heat team uses it, along with other NFL and NBA athletes as well as Olypmians.

He comes on the show to share everything he’s learned along the way and that’s exactly what you’ll hear about when you tune in.

Here’s a peek at what Dr. Jaquish and I get into:

  • Why gyms are a cesspool for germs and an ineffective way to get in better shape
  • Why so many people go through the motions at the gym and never make any progress
  • Dr. Jaquish’s background and how he spent 20 years working out at a gym and never made the progress he was hoping for and why that is
  • What led to the shift in Dr. Jaquish’s way of thinking when it comes to weight training
  • Dr. Jaquish’s unique approach to working out and stimulating muscles
  • Dr. Jaquish’s X3 machine and what it focuses on
  • How many sets it takes to see results with Dr. Jaquish’s method
  • Why NBA players are drawn to this method and why it works so well for them
  • The benefits compared to traditional weight training
  • Dynamic versus static training and why one is more effective than the other
  • Why adding strength training is not the answer, especially if you’re sedentary or sit at a desk all day for work
  • Why lifting weights is really inefficient and what works instead
  • The biggest genetic difference between athletes and the general population and how Dr. Jaquish’s method eliminates this
  • Why people who lift weights have no ability to create muscle synthesis
  • Why cardio is a really ineffective workout and how strength training is actually better for improving cardiovascular health
  • Dr. Jaquish also shares his thoughts on whey protein

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