Episode #074

Dr. Anthony Gustin

Keto Answers: Dr. Gustin’s New Book on Ketosis, Carb Tolerance, Different Keto Diets, and Whether Carbs Are Bad (Hint: They’re Not)

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Despite publishing tons of podcasts and articles on ketosis, I still get a lot of questions about how to follow a keto lifestyle. I wanted to publish a book that answers all the most common questions about keto in one place. That’s why I decided to write Keto Answers, a definitive reference guide on ketosis and following the ketogenic diet. 

Keto Answers addresses 268 questions about keto, ranging from beginner questions like “What is ketosis?” to advanced questions like “Can I do keto while breastfeeding?” It offers something to keto dieters of any knowledge level, and it’s perfect for answering questions that pop up as you progress on your keto journey. 

And if you’re just starting that journey and this is your first time here, welcome!

My name is Dr. Anthony Gustin. I’m a board-certified chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, as well as the founder of Perfect Keto.

Since I transitioned out of my clinical practice, I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health and well-being.

I do this by creating educational pieces — such as this podcast episode — and by developing high-quality, clean, keto-friendly products that make living low-carb easier.

When you tune in, you’ll find a special discount waiting for you in the episode and you’ll hear more about me and my keto journey so far, among other things.

Here’s an overview of everything Chris and I chat about today:

  • Why we wrote Keto Answers, my new book
  • The book-writing process
  • Does the body need carbohydrates?
  • Are carbs bad for you? (hint: no, they’re not)
  • Can you change your carb tolerance?
  • What carbs are good for you?
  • Are fruits okay on a keto diet?
  • Where can you get vitamins and minerals aside from fruit?
  • What are the different types of keto diets?

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