Episode #071

Tim Noakes

CrossFit and Half Marathons on Keto, Carbs and Insulin Resistance, Getting Enough Protein, and the Problem With High-Carb Vegan Diets

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He was once a practicing physician.

But after he sent out a single Tweet about a low-carb diet, he was thrust into a legal battle that spanned over four years and cost him his license.

So what exactly did Professor Tim Noakes do wrong?

He challenged the current dietary guidelines in South Africa.

And when he did, he came across heavy opposition.

You’ll hear all about why he did this, what happened when he did, and why it was worth it for him to keep powering through despite everything he faced.

Professor Noakes also shares how he used his research to treat his own insulin resistance which he developed despite being active and running half-marathons and several miles each week.

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If you’re not familiar with Professor Noakes, he’s been published in 750+ scientific articles and books and cited over 19,000 times in literature.

He’s also won several awards, including the Cannes Grand Prix and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Research Foundation. 

Professor Noakes — who also happens to have close to 150k social media followers — has also authored and co-authored several books and currently teaches medical professionals how to prescribe a low-carb diet to their patients.

You can learn more about these initiatives and more when you check out the episode.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store when you do:

  • Tim Noakes’ background and how he went from being a practicing physician to no longer holding his license over one single Tweet
  • Why he was prosecuted and persecuted for over four years because of that Tweet
  • The people behind his persecution
  • What led Tim down this low-carb path
  • Tim also shares whether he changed his carb intake during his longer runs and half marathon training
  • Why Tim prefers CrossFit as he gets older
  • How glucose changes with exercise
  • Why he eats almost zero carbs now
  • What his current diet consists of
  • Tim also shares his thoughts on protein levels and the two times in life where a higher protein intake is better
  • Insulin resistance, including what it is, how it can lead to chronic diseases, what’s driving it, and how to treat it
  • Why everyone should find out their level of insulin resistance
  • What happens when you don’t treat insulin resistance early on
  • Is exercise enough to prevent insulin resistance?
  • The problem with our current dietary guidelines and the resulting consequences 
  • What the industry is invested in and why this is a huge problem
  • You’ll also hear more about Tim’s Noakes Foundation and how he’s using low-carb diets in relatively poorer communities

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