Episode #067

Dr. Anthony Gustin

(Q&A #5) - Camping on Keto, Low-Carb Snacks That Won’t Raise Blood Sugar, Exercise and Blood Sugar, and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar

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What food should you pack if you’re going camping in a tent for a few days and want to stay in ketosis?

Do artificial sweeteners, stevia, or monk fruit cause your insulin to spike? And do the latter two cause inflammation too?

Should you check your blood sugar even if you’re healthy?

Questions like these come up all the time and I love when they do.

That’s why I sat down with Chris Irvin, The Ketologist, and our Head of Education, for our fifth Q&A to help answer these questions and so much more.

In the episode, we dive into a lot of topics surrounding blood sugar, including what keto foods caused my blood sugar to spike and what didn’t, and how exercise affects your blood sugar.

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We’ll also share a sneak peek at our upcoming chocolate-centered products and what our VIP customers think of them.

I also chat more about my results using a continuous glucose monitor and my thoughts on why everyone should use one.

On top of that, you’ll discover the one snack that I can’t believe is marketed as keto-friendly — you’ve probably tried it before — and why I think it should be illegal to sell it with that kind of labeling.

Here’s a brief overview of what else Chris and I get into:

  • What Chris and I would pack if we were camping in a tent for three days while maintaining ketosis
  • Do artificial sweeteners cause your insulin to spike?
  • Do the sweeteners in the Perfect Keto products spike blood sugar levels?
  • More about stevia and monk fruit and what makes sweeteners made from these natural sources different
  • Will consuming stevia and monk fruit lead to inflammation?  
  • Are there any snack brands aside from Perfect Keto that I’ve personally tested that won’t spike insulin?
  • More about keto cookies, jerky, ice cream, chocolate, and other low-carb snacks I’ve tested
  • The shocking truth behind Smart Sweets
  • The difference between beef sticks and beef jerky and the one that you should reach for if you have the option
  • How to cut down sugar when choosing from jerky options
  • Do you need to check your blood sugar if you’re healthy?
  • I’ll also share a product update from our VIP customers who tasted our chocolate covered almonds, macadamia nuts, and trail mix
  • You’ll also hear more about other Perfect Keto products we’re tackling at the moment
  • What my blood sugar spiked to when I ate Magic Spoon keto cereal
  • Chris also discusses allulose
  • I’ll also dive more into continuous glucose monitors and my thoughts on the Dexcom G6 and the FreestyleLibre
  • When blood glucose jumps, do you notice changes in how you feel?
  • How do different exercises impact blood glucose?

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