Episode #066

Thomas Seyfried

Upending Traditional Cancer Treatment with Ketosis, Fasting, and Hyperbaric Oxygen

When you do calorie restriction or fasting, you lower insulin and blood sugar, and that’s connected to a reduced rate of tumor growth. Click To Tweet

Dr. Thomas Seyfried didn’t set out to uncover how keto could be used to treat cancer.

Instead, his early research focused on understanding how ketosis combats seizures in children with epilepsy.

But through this work, a series of unique discoveries and even more questions surfaced, as you’ll hear more about in this episode.

Dr. Seyfried realized, at this point, he needed to shift his research.

So he started studying how ketosis, fasting, and hyperbaric oxygen affected tumor growth.

And what he discovered was mind-blowing.

For example, Dr. Seyfried has extensive research to prove that cancer is a metabolic disease — similar to type 1 or 2 diabetes — and not a genetic disease.

So your genes, or even gene mutations, are not to blame with a cancer diagnosis.

Not only that, since cancer is a metabolic disruption, there are ways to restore balance and reduce the size of cancer tumors.

But the protocol doesn’t involve the typical cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, being given.  

Dr. Seyfried also shares how these traditional treatments are like poison to the body and have the opposite effect by making things far worse.

We have 1,600 people a day in the United States dying from cancer. And they’re dying because the field is focusing on things that aren’t relative to the disease. Click To Tweet

That’s why in today’s episode, which I’m really passionate about, Dr. Seyfried and I dive into the science behind using ketosis and other therapies for cancer treatment.

If you haven’t come across Dr. Seyfried’s work yet, he wrote the book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, and has over 150 peer-reviewed publications.

And in this podcast episode, you’ll learn about what he’s discovered over several decades of research.

You’ll also hear more about what Otto Warburg got right early on and the missing link in his research that we now know to be true today.

Here’s what else you’ll discover when you check out the episode now:

  • Dr. Seyfried’s background and how he started out studying ketosis to treat epileptic seizures to using ketones and fasting for cancer treatment
  • More about Otto Warburg’s research as it relates to cancer and what he was missing back then that we now know today
  • Is there a common link with cancer?
  • Is it possible to avoid getting cancer?
  • The connection between obesity, inflammation, and cancer
  • How to enhance the function of your mitochondria and why this matters
  • Using the glucose ketone index as a gauge, plus what it can tell you
  • The best way to keep your blood sugar down and ketones up
  • Keto adaption in healthy individuals vs cancer patients
  • The cancer protocol Dr. Seyfried believes should be implemented instead of radiation and other traditional therapies
  • Lifestyle changes to balance glucose
  • Glucose, glutamine, and their effect on cancerous tumors
  • The problems associated with radiation and chemotherapy treatments
  • Should people diagnosed with cancer reduce their protein consumption?
  • What to do if you have cancer
  • What needs to change in our current healthcare system when it comes to cancer treatments

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