Episode #54

Dr. Josh Axe

Nutritional Principles from Chinese Medicine, Keto for Cancer, CBD, and 3 Missing Ingredients in Most Diets

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I know what you’re thinking.

Why would I bring Dr. Josh Axe on my show if his company is very similar to mine?

Despite what most people think, we’re not mortal enemies, as I mention in the episode.

It’s actually just the opposite and we have a lot in common, starting with a similar background and believing in a lot of the same nutritional and health philosophies.

And in this podcast episode, Dr. Axe shares his approach to nutrition, which applies his background in Chinese Medicine, and how he helped his mom during two cancer diagnoses.

Dr. Axe — who has amassed close to 5.3 million followers on his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest channels combined — also discusses his thoughts on using keto, both short-term and long-term, and three types of ingredients that most people should eat daily but aren’t.

Broccoli is amazing; kale is amazing. But cilantro, parsley, turmeric, cinnamon, and rosemary blow broccoli and kale out of the water in terms of their nutrient density and medicinal effects in the body. Click To Tweet

Here’s a peek inside everything we cover in this jam-packed episode:

  • Dr. Axe’s background and how he went from being a practicing chiropractor to businessman
  • How he helped his mom during her cancer diagnoses
  • Dr. Axe also shares his personal diet philosophies which are based on the principles of Chinese medicine
  • He also discusses his thoughts on when to use keto
  • How keto helps the body
  • Dr. Axe also reveals whether or not he follows a keto diet
  • You’ll hear his thoughts on whether Chinese medicine is similar to Paleo
  • What it means to eat seasonally and for your body type
  • Tips for getting enough collagen and why it’s so important
  • 3 key ingredients missing from most diets and how to get more of them starting today
  • What to look for when buying probiotics
  • The difference between collagen and collagen type two
  • Fresh vs dry spices: is there a difference in potency and efficacy?
  • SBO probiotics and the bacteria strains Dr. Axe recommends looking for
  • The specific probiotic strain that fights acne and candida
  • Benefits of using CBD
  • The most effective herb on the planet
  • The exact dosage to start with if you’re going to try CBD
  • What Dr. Axe thinks about protein levels on keto and how much you really need to consume
  • He also shares his thoughts on erythritol, sugar alcohols, guar gum, and xanthan gum

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