Episode #51

Dr. Cate Shanahan

Vegetable Oils: The Real Culprit Behind Poor Health, According to Research

The average American is consuming 80% of their fat calories from vegetable oils. Click To Tweet
Whether you’re new to a ketogenic diet or a seasoned veteran, you probably already know the negative effects that come with eating too many carbs and tons of sugar.

But what most don’t realize is those two ingredients aren’t the only things contributing to poor health.

Vegetable oils, which are found in far more foods —  including “healthy” ones, are just as, if not more, detrimental to your health, as you’ll learn in this podcast episode with Dr. Cate Shanahan, a board certified family medicine physician who realized back in 2002 that both sugar and vegetable oils need to be eliminated to achieve optimal health.

And if you’re unknowingly consuming too many vegetable oils on keto, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to reach your goals.
The reason some people have success (on keto), and some people don’t, is the burden of vegetable oil in their body fat, in their tissues, and what remains in their ketogenic diet. Click To Tweet

If you’re a Keto Answers Podcast fan (thanks!), you may have heard this topic before. In our 38th episode with Jeff Nobs, we touched on vegetable oils and palm oil specifically.

In this episode, on the other hand, we’ll dive deeper to look at what the research says about how vegetable oils are really impacting your health.

Towards the end, Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition, who has over 12k followers on Facebook and Twitter, also discusses a ketogenic diet on athletic performance.

She dispels some common myths here and shares her advice for consuming carbs on keto as an athlete.

To see what else is in store, check out this lineup:

  • Dr. Cate Shanahan’s background and how she found herself on this nutrition journey
  • How she discovered the medical system was flawed from an educational standpoint
  • The biggest differences she saw in her patients when they removed sugar versus vegetable oil and which one was worse that, once eliminated, freed people of their health problems
  • The reason why our nutritional viewpoint is where it is today
  • The real reason why sugar is bad
  • How long vegetable oils can linger in your brain
  • How one study on a ketogenic diet  found that it caused mice to gain weight and why this was flawed
  • Dr. Shanahan’s top tips for removing vegetable oils and her easy-to-remember mantra here
  • The top six vegetable oils to remove starting today
  • Where vegetable oils are hiding when you go out to eat
  • Why removing vegetable oils transformed Dr. Shanahan’s patients lab results  — key blood markers like cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. — in as little as 3 months
  • The real cause behind heart attacks
  • The number one cause behind fatty liver
  • Keto on athletic performance
  • Why most sports nutritionists have it wrong
  • Muscle glycogen and why going full keto may not be the answer and what is
  • Dr Shanahan’s recommendation for athletes who are transitioning to ketosis

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