Episode #49

Kyle Kingsbury

Life Lessons from Fighting UFC and MMA, Experimenting with Nutrition, and the Importance of Self-Reflection

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As a former UFC fighter, Kyle Kingsbury continues to use the same tools he learned from fighting to improve his life.

He shares these along with the top lessons fighting taught him and his take on nutrition in this podcast episode.

On top of that, Kyle also discusses why he uses himself as a guinea pig to uncover what works best for his body.

Through this, he tried the carnivore diet for 17 days and found out he had a food intolerance when he did an elimination challenge.

You’ll hear more about his experience tackling these and his journey with keto, including what he did wrong initially and what he does now.

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Today, Kyle Kingsbury — who happens to have over 76k Instagram and Facebook followers combined — no longer steps foot in the ring and instead is the Director of Human Optimization for a popular supplement company.

He discusses his role here along with the following topics in this episode:

  • Kyle’s story and how he went from playing college football to fighting mixed martial arts and landing a spot on the Ultimate Fighter season eight
  • Where Kyle found his sense of direction and purpose
  • What fighting taught him
  • Understanding flow state
  • Why Kyle always uses self-reflection as a tool to improve himself
  • How to tell if someone (including yourself) is in a rut
  • How accepting or resisting change can affect your life
  • The one muscle Kyle recommends that you always strengthen
  • Kyle’s approach when it comes to nutrition and supplementation
  • Why he only lasted 17 days on the carnivore diet
  • His experience with NAD IV treatments and NR boosts
  • What happened when Kyle pushed his intake of theobromine to the upper limit
  • Kyle’s results after doing an elimination challenge
  • The telltale signs Kyle experiences with food intolerances
  • Kyle’s journey into ketosis and following a keto diet (and what that looks like now)
  • The positive benefits Kyle feels when he’s in ketosis
  • What Kyle did wrong when he started keto and what he recommends doing instead
  • Kyle’s seasonal approach to increasing or reducing his carb intake
  • Why Kyle used the carnivore diet as a form of fasting
  • The traditional diet advice Kyle doesn’t abide by

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