Episode #46

Diane Sanfilippo

Keto & Paleo, Why Ketosis Isn’t About Fat Loss, and How a SAVVY Nutritional Approach Can Help

The biggest benefits of being in ketosis are different from fat loss. The mental clarity, sustained energy, and appetite suppression -- which helps fat loss become easier, are some of the greatest benefits. Click To Tweet

For the last 10-15 years, Diane Sanfilippo, a two-time New York Times best selling author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox, has been dubbed The Queen of Paleo, yet she’s been using keto as a tool the entire time.

And despite that, she prefers not to be labeled as a paleo or keto dieter.

So what gives?

Instead of being strictly tied to either one, Diane uses these diets as tools during different periods of her life to meet her overall health goals, which is exactly what she and I discuss in this podcast episode.

For example, Diane believes, rightfully so, that a keto diet does not guarantee fat loss but there are plenty of other benefits — which we discuss in the episode — that can support this.

We’ll also chat about why it pays to try different types of diets, including for a minimum amount of time, before locking yourself into one for the rest of your life.

It’s helpful to try different ways of eating; a whole variety of them. Click To Tweet

With close to 330k followers on her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, and Pinterest platforms, Diane’s goals are to educate, motivate, and inspire people and she does a great job of that by sharing her knowledge in a simple and easy to digest format.

And this podcast episode proves this point perfectly.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you:

  • Diane’s nutritional background that spans over 10 years worth of work
  • The premise behind her first co-authored cookbook: Mediterranean Paleo Cooking
  • Two ingredients at the core of her cooking
  • What most people get wrong when it comes to their food
  • Why she and I are obsessed with using fresh herbs and spices
  • How Diane has followed a keto/paleo approach but prefers not to strictly identify with either one
  • We’ll also dive into her philosophy when it comes to different ways of eating
  • Why ketosis isn’t the only way to burn body fat and what else is
  • Why it’s a good idea for you to try different ways of eating for a certain period of time
  • The biggest benefits Diane sees with a ketogenic diet
  • The type of dieters who may benefit from keto
  • Why keto is not enough to lose body fat and what it takes instead
  • What to do if you have roughly 10-20 lbs to lose
  • Why Diane uses a Bingo sheet approach to tracking her food intake
  • Why tracking food intake is right for some people
  • The problem with overeating fat and fat bombs
  • Diane’s SAVVY approach to nutrition
  • One thing many people get wrong on a keto diet
  • Why herbs and spices should become your go-to
  • Seed cycling for women’s hormones
  • Diane’s take on coffee and matcha

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