Episode #25

Craig Emmerich

Getting Weight Loss Results on The Ketogenic Diet and Busting Common Keto Myths

025: Getting Weight Loss Results on The Ketogenic Diet and Busting Common Keto Myths - Craig Emmerich
Protein-sparing modified fast is probably one of the most powerful tools for ramping up weight loss or breaking a stall. We actually prefer this over an actual water fast. Click To Tweet

After Craig’s wife, Maria, discovered the ketogenic diet and used it to successfully improve her health problems and lose weight, Craig decided to make a change to his own diet:

He would eat keto during the week and eat whatever he wanted during the weekend, including his home-brewed beers.

This compromise seemed to work at first until he realized that now he felt sluggish and had gastric problems on the weekends — a far-cry from how much better he felt during the week.

So, he took the next logical step: he put down the beer and went full keto, 7 days a week.

Craig and Maria went on to write one of the most comprehensive books about the ketogenic diet — Keto. — and began creating online courses for other people looking to improve their own health through a ketogenic diet.

Throughout the years, Craig has learned what works and what doesn’t on keto, what is hype and what is evidence-based, common misconceptions about keto, and how to formulate your ketogenic diet to get the results you want.

Gluconeogenesis kicks in to make sure your blood sugar doesn’t dip too low. That enables you to be ketogenic in your diet -- without that you would not be around. So it's not something to fear, it’s what actually enables a ketogenic diet. Click To Tweet

Craig Emmerich now runs the website Maria Mind Body Health and Keto Adapted with his wife Maria, and he’s an author, entrepreneur, and keto expert.

In this episode, he explains how to succeed at one of the most common goals people have when starting a ketogenic diet: weight loss.

Most people notice significant weight loss during the beginning stages of keto, but some of them stall or stop dropping pounds altogether after a while

Craig explains why this happens, how to prevent weight loss plateaus, how to make keto healthy, and the specific steps you can take to make your body burn off stored fat, not just dietary fat.

He also breaks down common keto myths that keep people from enjoying a healthy and fulfilling ketogenic diet.

If you’ve ever wondered how to eat at a calorie deficit — as low as 800 calories per day — and feel completely satisfied with no cravings or hunger pangs, here are all your answers.

In this episode, we go over:

  • The problem with the “calories in vs calorie out” approach to weight loss
  • Why calories do matter when you’re trying to lose weight on keto
  • The role of hormones in weight loss
  • The thermic effect of food
  • Diet vs exercise: which matters most for weight loss?
  • The role of protein in weight loss and health
  • The profound benefits of eating meat
  • What is a protein-modified fast?
  • Protein-modified fast vs water fast
  • Why Craig doesn’t recommend a water fast (hint: it has to do with your muscle mass)
  • How to program your body to burn stored fat more than dietary fat
  • The role of gluconeogenesis on keto (and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it)
  • The protein, gluconeogenesis, and blood sugar fallacy
  • The link between satiety and food variety
  • The harmful effects of hyper palatability
  • What oxidative priority is and why it matters
  • How your body processes different fuels
  • Why excessive alcohol consumption hinders weight loss
  • What happens in your body when you first start keto vs when you become fat adapted
  • How to eat intuitively
  • Why a clear feedback loop in your diet is important
  • How Craig first got into the ketogenic diet
  • Craig’s fight with Lyme disease
  • Lyme disease symptoms and the best blood test to detect it
  • How keto can help improve Lyme disease symptoms
  • What Craig eats in a day

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