Episode #6

Emily Schromm

Optimizing Your Skin Health, Gut, and Energy with a High Fat Diet

006: Optimizing Your Skin Health, Gut, and Energy with a High Fat Diet - Emily Schromm
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Before turning into a fitness star and nutritional therapy practitioner, today’s guest, Emily Schromm, struggled with acne and gut problems for years.

Growing up, Emily seemed to be doing everything right: she took ulcer medication, acne medication, exercised regularly, and ate a diet full of veggies, protein, whole grains, and full-fat dairy — but neither her skin nor her gut ever really healed.

It wasn’t until she tried the paleo diet that she noticed a dramatic improvement. The high fat approach had healed her gut, which in turn banished her acne for good — something that prescriptions or birth control never could.

Her health transformation didn’t stop there.

As she transitioned from a paleo to a ketogenic diet, she was able to fix her adrenals to maximize her energy and improve her mental health.

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Her journey was full of experimentation: she tinkered with paleo and keto to find the right macros for peak performance, she tested a low-fat approach, and most importantly, she developed a profound self-awareness of her mind and body to find what really works for her.

Join me as I sit down with Emily to talk about her health journey, how to learn to listen to your body, and why a high fat diet might be just what you need to cure gut and energy imbalances.

In this episode, we go over:

  • How you can get rid of acne and improve skin health with a high fat diet
  • How a paleo and ketogenic diet can heal gut problems
  • The gut-skin link
  • How to protect and fix your adrenals to avoid fatigue and energy dips
  • Why it’s important to experiment with your keto macros
  • Why a ketogenic diet is not for everyone
  • How to balance your carbs if you do intense exercise
  • How to tell if you’re doing the keto diet wrong
  • Emily’s favorite workout combo
  • What Emily eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for optimal performance
  • Emily’s favorite supplements and adaptogens
  • How Emily finds the time to work out no matter how busy she is
  • Emily’s secret to optimizing sleep

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