Episode #5

Ryan Munsey

The Carnivore Diet and What Happens When You Cut Out Plants

005: The Carnivore Diet and What Happens When You Cut Out Plants - Ryan Munsey
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You have to eat plants to be healthy, right? At least that’s what everyone says.

Today’s guest, Ryan Munsey, has a different take on that.

Ryan has a degree in food science and human nutrition. He’s also a former fitness model, former bodybuilder, and performance consultant.

Yet, last year he turned his back on mainstream nutrition advice and cut everything from his diet except for one thing: meat.

For 30 days, he ate nothing but grass-fed beef, organ meats, poultry, fish, game meat, and everything else in between. Plant-based foods were completely off limits.

Common wisdom would tell you Ryan got sick, harmed his gut, or became deficient in vital micronutrients. Common wisdom would be wrong.a

Ryan didn’t just survive, he thrived on meats.

You’ve probably been told that you need all food groups to be healthy. Ryan was taught the same by his professors while finishing his nutrition studies.

However, he realized this traditional advice didn’t match with what he was learning in biochemistry – the science that explores the chemical processes in living organisms.

He became increasingly worried that what nutritionists and dietitians were recommending wasn’t what the body actually needed for optimal health.

By trying the carnivore diet, Ryan put to test conventional wisdom and made interesting discoveries.

Join me as I sit down with him to talk about his carnivore diet experiment, what he learned, and valuable lessons that will help you optimize the way you eat regardless of your preferred diet.

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In this episode, we go over:

  • Why and how the carnivore diet can improve your health
  • Common nutrition myths (that even college students are told)
  • What Ryan ate during the carnivore diet challenge
  • The carnivore flu
  • The cyclical ketogenic diet
  • How Ryan’s workout changed when he switched to the keto diet
  • Ryan’s favorite pre-workout snacks
  • Why it’s important to build strength before anything else
  • Why choosing grass-fed meats matters
  • Ryan’s grounding evening routine for better sleep
  • Ryan’s self-care philosophy

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